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A Cheap Rug Made Luxurious!

Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by Rugpadusa.com.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

Now that my outdoor living room is finished (pics to come), I have started focusing on my basement again. The first part of the room I wanted to focus on was the rug.  We had a great rug, but I felt the room needed a little more pattern.  Our original rug matched the tile in our basement, so it kind of got lost in the room.


I had been looking for a rug for sometime. I bought one online and realized it was a flat weave, which was not going to work on my hard, cold tile floor.  I knew I needed a high pile wool rug.  I figured the higher pile would make the rug feel better against the hard floor.  I was telling my mom about my rug dilemma she said I should get a rug pad.  I have never owned a rug pad, so I was curious to learn more about them.

Initially I was going to just buy a cheap old rug pad from Walmart and call it a day, but decided against it when I found more information about rug pads from Rugpadsusa.com. Yes, people there is educational info about rug pads you should know!

First off, roughly 90% of all rug pads come from overseas. They are chemically rich and toxic breeding grounds for odor causing bacteria and VOC emissions (umm…GROSS!). In addition, the petrochemical oils in pvc pads can often dissipate into the floor, permanently marring and discoloring your floor finishes over time. The last thing I want to do is ruin my floor!

The rug pads from rugpadsusa.com are  made with 100% natural rubber. Natural rubber is the safest material to use on all floors. While pvc pads “Stick” to floors, natural rubber will “grip” floors. Natural rubber has very low VOC’s and comes directly from real rubber trees, thus out-gassing and floor staining is never an issue. Aside from its performance benefits, natural rubber is made using real 100% natural rubber tree sap. It’s very eco-friendly. The rug pads from rugpadsusa.com sounded WAY better than the low quality rug pad I almost bought from Walmart!

I ended up going with the Eco-Plush Rug Pad for my basement.  The Eco-Plush felt rug pad offered a thick layer of protection and comfort. The pad is dense and offers better protection and more comfort for larger area rugs. It was also perfect for my cold, hard tile. When I got the pad, it came in a large box. I was so impressed with the size of the pad – I was expecting it to be much smaller.  I also could not get over how thick the pad was.  I was expecting it to be thin like other pads I had seen before. Oh, I ended up getting the rug I ordered the same say as the pad (it was meant to be!).

I first removed my old rug from the area.  Then, I laid down my rug pad.  The kind folks over at rugpadsusa.com cut my pad down smaller than my rug so the ends would not stick out of my rug.


After the pad was down, I then put my rug over the pad.  You can see just how thick my Eco-Plush Pad is.


My rug seriously feels like a million bucks!  The pad makes SUCH a difference.  I am trying to figure out how I have gone through life this long without rug pads in my life?  Seriously, my rug makes my rug feel so luxurious!

Make sure you check out all of the rug pads at runpadsusa.com!


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