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CIY: Camp Shirt

I may have found  a new obsession…adding a fabric strip to ALL of my long sleeve shirts!  

After doing this project I pretty much want all of my shirts to be camp shirts.  I mean, just think of the endless possibilities of customizing your shirt?  You could add a strip of fabric with a contrasting pop of color to your shirt or a fun, funky pattern.  I decided to stay within the same color family by going with a slightly darker purple than my shirt.  I am pretty excited about this little shirt conversion.

CIY: Camp Shirt :: www.happinessiscreating.com


– Long sleeve shirt

– 1/8 yard of cotton fabric

– 2 Metal snaps

– Thread (same or similar color as your fabric)

– Scissors

– Sewing needle

– Straight pins

– Medium size safety-pin

– Sewing machine

CIY: Camp Shirt :: www.happinessiscreating.com

{Step 1}: Cut a strip of fabric that is 9 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide.

{Step 2}: Fold your strip of fabric in half length-wise so the nice side of your fabric is on the inside.  Pin the ends together.  Sew your strip of fabric starting at the top of your strip of fabric where it is pinned together all the way down to the other end.

{Step 3}:  After you sew your strip of fabric together, you will want to grab your medium size safety-pin.  Take your safety-pin and put it through the opening of one side of your strip.

{Step 4}:  Take the tip of your pin and put it into the opening of your strip.  Move your pin through your strip pulling the fabric over the safety-pin.

CIY: Camp Shirt :: www.happinessiscreating.com

{Step 5}:  Your strip should be completely turned right side out.

{Step 6}:  Take the opening of one of your ends and tuck the end into the opening and pin with your straight pin.  You want to have a nice finished edge.  Repeat this step with the other side of your strip of fabric.

{Step 7}:  Take your thread and run it through your needle.  Take your needle and sew the end of your strip of fabric so it is completely closed.  Repeat this step on the other side of your strip.

{Step 8}:  Grab your metal snaps and unsnap one.  Take one side of the snap and sew it to the end of your strip.

CIY: Camp Shirt :: www.happinessiscreating.com

{Step 9}:  Turn your sleeve inside out.  I measured 14 1/2 inches from the bottom of my sleeve up.  Pin your strip to the side of your sleeve with a straight pin so the snap is facing up.

{Step 10}:  Grab the other side of your snap.  Turn your sleeve so it is right side out.  Make sure the side that actually snaps to the other side of the snap that you sewed is facing up. You will want to sew the snap directly on the thread that is showing on the outside of your shirt.

{Step 11}: Roll your sleeve up until your strip of fabric is exposed.  Once exposed, take your strip, fold it over your sleeve and snap it to the exposed snap on the outside of your shirt.  You are finished!

CIY: Camp Shirt :: www.happinessiscreating.com

CIY: Camp Shirt :: www.happinessiscreating.com

CIY Camp Shirt :: www.happinessiscreating.com

CIY: Camp Shirt :: www.happinessiscreating.com

{Photo credit: Right-Jcrew}

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