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CIY: Glitter Earrings

I decided to ease in to sparkle and glitter.  I decided to make glitter earrings.


·         2 Buttons (preferably with a divot to hold the glitter)

·         2 earring posts

·         Mod Podge

·         Pliers

·         Super glue

·         Paint brush (or Q-tip)


Step 1: Cut the back off of your buttons.  I used pliers to do this. 


Step 2: Cut the back off of your other button. 

TIP: If the back of your button is not smooth, use a lighter to melt the button (if it is plastic) and then use your pliers to cut the excess off.


Step 3: Take your paint brush (or Q-tip) dip it in your Mod Podge and fill the inside of your button with Mod Podge.


Step 4: Fill your button with glitter.


Step 5: Fill it all of the way to the top! Let the glue dry.

TIP: I would wait 2 hours or so to make sure the glue is completely dry.


Step 6:  Once the glue has dried, shake off the excess glitter.


Step 7: Put super glue on the back of your earring post and glue to the back of the buttons. I would wait an hour or so to make sure the super glue is completely dry.


Enjoy your new glitter earrings!



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