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CIY: From Adult Beverage to Sweet Vase

Mike and I were recently at Carriage House for brunch with my mom and her friend.  That’s what we do in Chicago, we brunch.  Mike and I can never get our act together to get out of the house during real breakfast hours, so brunch allows us to eat breakfast at 1:00pm and not feel bad about it.

First off, Carriage House is adorable.  I kind of want to live in this restaurant because the decor is rustic and oh so cozy.  When we were seated at our table, each chair had a little blanket on the back of it.  Talk about attention to details!  As I looked around and took in the rest of the decor I saw a man drinking a pony beer.  I immediately became obsessed with it.  It was such a cute, stubby, beer.  Why have I never seen a pony beer before?  Mike, being the loving husband he is, ordered a Bloody Mary (which came with a pony beer) and gave the beer to me.  This is another reason I like brunch.  It is much more appropriate to drink at brunch, than at breakfast. :) I enjoyed my adult beverage and left with the cute bottle.

After we left, I was thinking this would make a cute bud vase.  I wanted to add a little pizzazz to it, but wasn’t sure exactly where my vision would take me.

From time-to-time I will check out Style Me Pretty to see what 2013 brides are doing for decor, etc. When I was last out there I saw these cute CIY vases.  Umm…perfect for my bottle!

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty


– Glass bottle (if it has a label on it, soak it in warm water to remove it)

– Gold  Paint (I used metallic, but SMP used gold leaf)

– Paint Brush

– Painter’s Tape (optional)


Step 1: Decide how high up you want your gold color to go.  Once you have decided, put your painter’s  tape around your bottle.


Step 2: Start painting your bottle all the way around.  Let it dry.


Step 3:  Put about 3 layers of gold paint on your bottle.  This will cover it nicely.  Let the paint dry.

www.happinessiscreating.comStep 4: Once your paint is dry, very slowly remove your tape.  You may notice some bubbling at the top of your bottle, just smooth this down with your finger.

CIY:Gold Painted Vase

I went to Asrai Garden, the flower shop at the end of my street, and found these lovely flowers.  I know the one deep red one is a Ranunculus.  I love these flowers.  They are currently my favorite flower.  Not sure what the other two are, but I thought they would look pretty with my Ranunculus.


I cut my flowers down and put then in my cute new gold vase.  Who would have thunk a beer bottle could be so pretty?  Enjoy!





2 Comments to CIY: From Adult Beverage to Sweet Vase

  1. Julie
    February 18, 2013 4:53 pm

    Just not sure which I love more ……ponies for brunch or the vase.

  2. Meghan
    February 18, 2013 5:55 pm

    Those vases are so pretty and easy to make , you have a beautiful blog.

    xo Meg


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