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CIY: Infinity Scarf

When I challenged myself to find a way to create an infinity scarf, without actually knitting one, I thought this was going to take some REAL creativity.

I was at Joann’s hanging out, per usual, when I happened to spy some fabric in the sale section.  I do not usual look at fabric in the sale section because it is so hard to find anything, since fabric is stacked on top of one another (and I am not that patient).   This fabric was maroon and was a knit.  SCORE!!  The fabric was P-E-R-F-E-C-T!  I bought it and started my infinity scarf adventure.


  • 1 yard of a knit fabric (Boucle fabric should do the trick)
  • Thread – make sure it matches your fabric
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins


Step 1: Take your fabric and fold in it half. You want to make sure the nice part of your fabric (i.e the good side of the fabric) is showing on the outside.


Step 2: Take your fabric and fold it in half again.  You will want to pin all of the open sides.


Step 3: After you have pinned your scarf, start sewing!  You will to start sewing at the upper right hand corner of your scarf.  Make sure you have enough of a seam allowance when you sew.  You will sew all the way around your scarf and will stop when you are 3.5 inches from the end.


Step 4: After you sew your scarf, you will want to turn it right side out.  You will start pulling the fabric through the opening you left when you were sewing.


Step 5: Keep pulling your fabric through the opening until all of your sewed ends are now “inside”.


Step 6:  You will now need to sew the open section you left.


Step 7:  Take the fabric of the open section and tuck it inside.  You will want nice finished edges.  After you have nicely tucked your fabric inside, pin it, and then sew it.


Step 8:  Your scarf should look like my scarf below.  You are going to take the left side and fold it over to the right side and pin the edges together.


Step 9:  You will start to do a whip stick to hand sew the ends of your scarf together.  Make your stitches close together.  You will go down your entire scarf until you get to the end.



You are finished!  You now have an infinity scarf that looks knitted, but is not!  This was a gift for my friend Danielle.

Thanks Danielle for modeling my finished product!


2 Comments to CIY: Infinity Scarf

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