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CIY: Bow Part 4 – Oversized Bow

This is the fourth and final Bow CIY.  This also ended up being quite a quick and easy CIY (that is, if you have a sewing machine).  I think I managed to successfully “Put a bow on it”.  Now that my bow CIYs are over I have, of course, stumbled upon even MORE fashion items with bows on them.  I will take a break from this trend, but I have a feeling it might sneak its way back into one of my tutorials! 


– 1/4 yard of black medium weight cotton fabric (fyi…the fabric pictured below is already folded in half)

– Black thread

– Straight pins

– Safety-pins

– Scissors

– Sewing machine

– Iron

– Sweater/shirt/jacket (to pin your bow to)

CIY: Oversized Bow

{Step 1}: Fold your fabric in half lengthwise so the side you want to see is facing itself (we are going to sew this together and you want the nice side to show when your turn your fabric right side out).  Then put your two ends together (one on top of the other).  Cut your fabric at an angle.  This will make the angle on both ends the same.  Then, pin all around your fabric.

CIY: Oversized Bow{Step 2}: Sew your fabric together.  Start at the tip of one side of your fabric.  As you can see, I sewed pretty close to the edge of my fabric.  Keep sewing until you are about 2 inches from the end of your fabric.  Leave the end open.

CIY: Oversized Bow{Step 3}: Using the hole you left open, turn your fabric so it is right side out.  In order to get the tip of your fabric completely pushed out (on the finished side), use a pencil or pen.

CIY: Oversized Bow

{Step 4}: Iron your fabric.  You want it to lay nice.  Tuck the fabric in on the your open end so you have nice edges, iron, and pin.

CIY: Oversized Bow

{Step 5}: You will now sew the open end of your fabric.  I found it was easier to start at the end of the open fabric and work towards the tip of the fabric.

CIY: Oversized Bow

 {Step 6}: Take your fabric and make two loops (See below).

CIY: Oversized Bow

{Step 7}: Take your two loops and cross them over one another and then pull one of the loops through the hole you made. 

CIY: Oversized Bow

{Step 8}: Pull the loops to make a bow.  You want to keep pulling until your knot is nice and tight.  Once you knot is tight, hold down on your knot and pull the bottom of the bow down to adjust the size of your bow loop.  Keep pulling until you get your desired loop size.

CIY: Oversized Bow

 CIY: Oversized Bow

{Step 9}: Place your bow on your top (position it where you would like).  Then, while holding the bow, turn your top inside out and push a safety-pin through the top and the knot of your bow. 

CIY: Oversized Bow

After you have pinned your bow to your top, you will most likely need to use a few more safety-pins to pin the top loop of your bow to your top, as well as the bottom loop.  This will hold your bow in place.  I pinned the bow to my sweater because I wanted the option to add or remove the bow.  If you want your bow to be a permanent fixture on your top, sew that puppy right on your top!

CIY: Oversized Bow

A little Bow CIY recap:

Here are all of the Bow CIY top inspirations and my final projects.  Be inspired and “Put a bow on it!”

CIY: Bow Details

{Photo credit: Top left:Club Monaco, Second left: Kirsten Dunst – gogoartqueen, via madisonsorah}, Third left: JCrew, Bottom left: Wendy’s Lookbook}

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  1. Lauren
    April 17, 2013 6:57 pm

    I LOVE this!! I am definitely going to make this..I think this would also look good on a shoe! Thanks for sharing xo

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