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Create Your Own Journal/”To-do” Notepad

DIY "hello" journal happinessiscreating.com

I am always on a mission to get organized. No, really! Everyday I tell myself to get organized, I need to write down my “to-dos” for the day so I can stay on track and actually get things done. I figured¬†maybe if I actually had something cute to jot my to-dos down ON, I would actually do it.

The last time I was at Michael’s to grab one item, I ended up spending like $40.00 (don’t tell Mike!)! That’s what happens when I allow myself to wander all of the aisles at the craft store; I get inspired to create 10 more projects! One of my purchases was this cute journaling card that had the word “hello” cut out of it. Now, I didn’t need this, but I WANTED it! So, I scooped them up and figured I would create some sort of project with them. Well, that project was my one-of-a-kind “to-do” notepad! I made my own paper using my “hello” card as a stencil! Now, time for me to start creating my lists and actually knocking some items off of it!


– Old Book (or an ugly new one ;D)

Р2 Sheets of different colored Cardstock

– “hello” Journaling Card (you could also use a Stencil or Stamp)

– Silver Paint

– Pouncer

– Scissors

– Mod Podge

– Paint Brush

{Step 1}: Lay your journaling card on your paper. Begin to paint over it with your pouncer. Move your card all over your paper stenciling “hello”.

{Step 2}: Cover the back of your book with Mod Podge and lay it on one of your pieces of cardstock.

{Step 3}: Trim down the edges of your paper as well as cut an angle at the corner of your notebook.

{Step 4}: Put Mod Podge on the inside part of your paper and glue it to your book.

{Step 5}: Put Mod Podge on the cover of your book. Lay your designed paper about an inch past your colored paper. Press down.

{Step 6}: Trim your edges again like you did in Step 3 and glue to your book.

{Step 7}: Put a layer of Mod Podge over the front and back covers of your book. Let your glue dry and you are finished!create your own "hello" paperDIY "hello" journal happinessiscreating.comDIY "hello" journal happinessiscreating.com

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