Feb 11, 2015 | Post by: Meghan

We have a gallery wall!


When we moved into our new house I knew I wanted to try my hand at the gallery wall idea I had seen all over Pinterest. I love that there are so many different ways you can design a gallery wall. I ended up going with a more uniform design. I thought this design format would work better than the more scattered look I have seen.

To start my gallery wall, I traced all of the picture frames I was going to use onto white paper. I marked on the paper where the actual hook thingy was so I could easily find where I needed to hammer in my nail. Then, I arranged my pieces of paper on my wall, using painters tape to hold them up. There was measuring

involved, which is the bane of my existence! No matter how many times I measured and used my laser level, one of the pictures was always off! After a bit of a struggle, it was perfect (sort of).
diy,gallery,home decor

After the papers were up, I enlisted Mike’s help with the hammering. He is much better at this task than I am! 

diy, frames, gallery wall,

Instead of purchasing photographs, I decided to take my own. That’s right, this girl doesn’t pay for artwork, she creates her own! For my larger pictures, I took some photos around Chicago (along with some help from Mike). This photo below is of the Flatiron Building Bucktown. This was right around the corner of our old apartment.

diy, frames, gallery wall,

Here is a night shot of the iconic Chicago Theater taken by Mike.

diy, frames, gallery wall,

Funny story about this picture. I took it through my sunroof while driving past the Wrigley Building on Michigan Ave.! It gave me a totally different perspective of the building! Don’t worry, Mike was driving while I awkwardly shot this photo. ;)

diy, frames, gallery wall,

This photo of the Kinzie Bridge was actually taken as one of our engagement photos almost 3 years ago! This shot was a collaboration of Mike and I.  My mom actually took the photo (I cropped mike and I out).

diy, frames, gallery wall,

Now on to the really cool stuff!

The smaller column of photos on my gallery wall are actually pencil drawings by my mom! She is insanely talented and did pencil drawings of the apartments mike and I lived in before we bought our house. The apartment below is from when Mike lived in Roscoe Village.

diy, frames, gallery wall,

This photo is of my old apartment in Wrigleyville. Man, I sure had some good times at the palace!

diy, frames, gallery wall,

The third apartment is the first (and only) place where Mike I lived together before we bought our house. The apartment was in the heart of Buckown and was our home for seven years! We lived on the third floor. Note the curtains in the front window. Those were a DIY project. :)

diy, frames, gallery wall,

diy, frames, gallery wall,

diy, frames, gallery wall,

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