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My Minted Gallery Wall

Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by Minted. Minted is an online marketplace connecting you with independent artists from all over the world. Minted sources it’s pieces through on-going art competitions.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

Okay, guys.  I was able to narrow down my favorite prints from Minted (believe me, it was super hard to commit!).  I knew I wanted a gallery style wall, but this time around I wanted one that one was not uniform like the one I had done in my living room.  I ended up selecting six prints at first, but after I placed all of them on the ground (to get an idea of the layout I wanted), I decided I still needed another picture to complete my look.

When I was going through all of the prints on Minted, I decided to start with a base print. I wanted this print to be the main focus and the one I would use to build the rest of my prints off of.  The base print I chose was The Meadow.  I loved all of the colors in this print and thought they would look great against my wall.  I ordered my print in 18×24 since I wanted my base print to be the largest.

Once I had my base print, I looked for other interesting prints that would coordinate well with my main print.  I ended up doing random sizes of the other prints I chose (you can see all of them below).  Like I said earlier, I had no plan for the design of my gallery wall; I just wanted it to be a bit random!


1. Green Floral

2. Sky Lines 

3. Transparency

4. Stone Pile

5. The Meadow

6. Heirloom Pear

7. Indigold

After I ordered for my prints, I swear they arrived at my house super quick!  I was so excited to see (more…)

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A Blank Wall That Needs Some Love

When I first moved into my house, I was on a mission to get it decorated immediately.  I was doing pretty good, moving from one room to another.  It finally came time to tackle my basement family room.

The first item Mike and I purchased for our family room was a new couch.  I knew I wanted a chaise style couch that was super comfy.  After some research we landed on a couch from Crate and Barrel.  Now, if you know me at all, you know I am the cheapest person on planet Earth so this purchase was a difficult one for me to swallow.  I figured the price was worth the quality since I wanted to make sure the couch we purchased for our basement would last for many years.

Once we got our new couch, I purchased a new rug (with an amazing carpet pad!).  I was kind of obsessed with the rug when I found it.  It is a high pile rug and super comfy.  One day, I was sitting on my new couch and I looked over to the wall to my right and felt like it needed some color.

crate and barrel couch with aztec rug

My entire basement is painted a super light gray.  I wanted a color that stood out, so I landed on this dark blue color.  I was very happy with the way the color turned out.  I had high hopes of turning this wall into a gallery style wall, but that (more…)

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Blitsy Monday’s: Easy Pinwheel Backdrop


If you have been to a wedding recently, you have probably grabbed a funny hat or sunglass from the prop bin and stood in front of a backdrop giving your silliest pose and smile. Photo booths have become super popular over the past few years and don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. The selection of props available for photo booths definitely adds to the fun, but what about the backdrop itself? The backdrop can (more…)

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Turn Instagram photos into Polaroid Magnets

Turn your favorite Instagram photos into magnets in a few easy steps!

Photography has grown substantially in the last few years.  Since pretty much every single cellphone is now equipped with a camera, people are shooting pictures left and right and documenting their daily happenings.  Most people solely use their phone as their go-to camera and very rarely have a real camera handy when they are out-and-about. This means people are storing all of their pictures on their phones, making it very uncommon for them to actually do anything with all of the photos they have snapped.

Turn your favorite Instagram photos into magnets in a few easy steps!

As Instagram has gained more popularity, all of the photos being taken on phones are now being shared with friends, family, and followers. Even the iconic ‘square’ Instagram photo has gained popularity and people are now embracing the shape when it comes to cropping their images.  I decided to take the concept of Instagram (i.e square photos) and share a way to actually print out those photos from family vacations, surprise birthday parties, and special moments you have captured and turn them into something super cool.

Turn your favorite Instagram photos into magnets in a few easy steps!

You can easily turn your Instagram photos into adorable, functional magnets. Not only will these magnets keep papers neat and tidy on your fridge, but they will also put your favorite moments captured on your phone in a place for all to see.  The only problem now is  deciding which photos in your album to turn into magnets!

See the full tutorial here!

Grab the supplies:

Turn your favorite Instagram photos into magnets in a few easy steps!

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Blitsy Monday’s: Wood Veneers Into Stamps!

Turn your wood veneers into playful stamps in a few easy steps!

As crafters, we are always trying to get more bang for our buck when it comes to reusing our crafting supplies. If we purchase a crafting supply, we can usually come up with a few other project ideas to incorporate said craft supply. We come up with multiple uses for our crafting supplies usually to justify (to our significant others) why we need all of the supplies we accumulate throughout the year. I am going to show another fun use for wood veneers that will not only maximize your stamp collection, but also justify why you have collected so many of them!

Stamps can get pricy, especially if you see multiple designs you are drawn to and can not make up your mind and select just one. You may also be in love with multiple stamp collections, but once again, are unable to make up your mind and select just one. It’s time to stop agonizing over which stamp/collection to choose and start using up the extra wood veneer shapes you already have in your stash!

Turn your wood veneers into playful stamps in a few easy steps!

I grabbed some wooden cubes I had and used them to create the base for my wood veneer stamps. It took me only a few seconds to transform my wood veneers into reusable stamps! Just think of all the fun stamps you can add to your collection by using up all of the extra wood veneer shapes you have. The wood grain gives the stamp a vintage, weathered look, which I love! Come see how you can turn your wood veneers into playful stamps!

Turn your wood veneers into playful stamps in a few easy steps!

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Decorate Wall with DIY Artwork and Upcycled Finds

Create a textured piece of artwork with joint compound! Add a little bit of paint and you are all set!

I have been really bad about posting house projects I have done in our “newish” home.  I have honestly done so many projects in the short year and a half Mike and I have lived in our house.  When I move into a new place, I am always on a mission to get it decorated right away.  I am kind of a freak like that.

Everyone told me when I moved into my house it would be a work-in-progress and that it would take some time to get everything set-up and organized.  Well, my entire house is pretty much decorated at this point.  There are a few small unfinished projects I need to tackle and, of course, some major projects/renovations we would like to do, but these larger ones will have to wait.

We had a plain wall in our bedroom that was just begging to be decorated.  I wasn’t really sure how I was going to decorate this decent sized wall, but knew it needed some artwork. Over the Summer, I was lucky enough to score a large canvas (which was from Blick still in the wrapper!) for $5 at a rummage sale!  If I had purchased this canvas from Blick, it would have cost over $50! When I was trying to think of a design to put on my canvas, I came across this amazing DIY artwork using wall composite on a canvas and then covered the center with paint.  I was blown away at how amazing the piece of art looked (and how easy it was to make) that I decided this would be the perfect art addition to my bedroom.

Create a textured piece of artwork with joint compound! Add a little bit of paint and you are all set!Create a textured piece of artwork with joint compound! Add a little bit of paint and you are all set!

After I finished my artwork, I knew the wall would need a little more decor to finish it off. Of course, I had been at a rummage sale and picked up these two shelves (that may have actually been to hang plates???) for $4!  I’m not really sure what their purpose was, but I knew I liked them.  My shelves were originally an oak finish, but I ended up going over the wood with a coat of white paint to brighten them up a bit. I left the black metal rods alone; I liked them just the way they were.

Once I had my artwork and my shelves hung, it was time to add some trinkets to it.  I went to my local thrift store and picked up two wooden vases, a black picture frame (which was perfect for the empty space next to my shelf!), and a mini silver shadowbox frame.  I grabbed a small wooden box, porcelain bird, faux succulent, faux Ranaculous, and moss from the craft store. I plopped my faux plants into my vases and found a random quote card I had that I placed inside of my frame.  For my black frame, I used a template to stitch a floral design on paper and used embroidery floss to stitch it.  Once it was finished, I added it to my frame for another easy piece of artwork!

Create a textured piece of artwork with joint compound! Add a little bit of paint and you are all set!

There you have it, my wall space in my bedroom filled with repurposed goods and DIY artwork!

Create a textured piece of artwork with joint compound! Add a little bit of paint and you are all set!

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Blitsy Monday’s: Easy DIY Yarn Christmas Trees

When the holidays roll around, it means you will most likely overspend on gifts for friends and family members.  I figure why add Christmas decor to the overspending list, right? You know I am always looking for a reason to create my own DIY home decor. I wanted to add a fun, festive look to one of my tables, and thought yarn wrapped Christmas trees would be the perfect solution!

Easy DIY Christmas Tree using a styrofoam cone and yarn

With a few supplies (including some yarn) you can make these adorable yarn trees.  As I started to wrap my styrofoam with yarn, I realized just how easy this project was going to be.  You could grab your kids and get them involved with the wrapping (you may want to man the glue gun so they don’t burn their tiny little fingertips!).  What I love about this project (more…)

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DIY Embellished Sweatshirt Perfect for the Holidays

Easy DIY embellished sweatshirt perfect for Fall!

Fall is upon us (and Winter is not that far off!), which means it’s time to pull out your favorite jewel tone fashion pieces. It is such a nice change to transition from bright colors to darker, richer colors. In my opinion, Fall colors are the prettiest!  It’s funny how excited I get about the change in the seasons.  Just wait until March, I will be begging for bright pops of color and all things Spring! :)

It seems when Fall returns, so does chunky jewelry. From statement necklaces, bold bracelets, and show-stopping earrings, these seem to be worn by everyone. Statement necklace are also an outfit must, if you ask me. A striking necklace can really finish off an outfit and take it to the next level!  You could have a plain t-shirt (more…)

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Blitsy Monday’s: Turn a Lid Into a Tray

Turn a hexagon lid into a tray with some paint and decorative paper!

Losing items, especially my cellphone, is kinda the norm around my house.  I come home from work and plop my phone down on the kitchen counter, a random shelf, or nook. When I need my phone, I start to panic because I have no idea where I placed it when I came home. I typically have Mike call my cellphone so I can try to listen for the ringtone so I can hunt it down.  He loves doing this for me (insert sarcasm here).

I thought it was time to have a dedicated place for my cellphone.  The plan: to come home from work and drop my phone (more…)

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Easy Necklace Made Out of Clay

Create a statement necklace out of clay

I have always had a fascination with clay.  I love the texture of it as well as it versatility. There are honestly so many projects where you could incorporate clay.  I decided to take my love of clay one step further and created my own beads for a one-of-a-kind necklace!

I paired white and yellow clay beads alongside wooden beads for a fresh, trendy look. Since making this clay bead necklace, I have received a TON of compliments on it.  There is nothing better than someone telling you they love your necklace and then asking where you bought it.  I love being able (more…)

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