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Metal Sculpture Makeover

DIY Metal Wall Mirror

Oh, Hi! It’s been a while. Sorry about that!

I am going to start moving around my living room, showing you all of the DIY projects I have done since this room is pretty much finished (for now :D). Pretty much all facets of my living room have been touched by my two hands. No, I’m not kidding, I have honestly made/painted everything in this room!

For some reason I was having a hard time finding/coming up with ideas for one of the walls in my living room. I kept going back and forth on what I wanted to do. At first I was thinking of doing a console table with a large piece of artwork, but didn’t want it to take away from my gallery wall. Then, I was thinking of maybe just adding some shelves along with a picture.  I wasn’t totally convinced on this idea either.  I actually landed on my idea when I was out one day checking the sales aisle at my local craft store. True story! I feel like my creativity never stops!

While I was checking out all of the seasonal items that had been marked down at my local craft store, I came across  this metal-wall-hanging-thingy. I liked that is was metal and I also like the price of $10! I wasn’t really sure where I was going to use this metal piece of artwork, but I wasn’t worried because I knew it would find a home somewhere.

After looking at my metal piece for a bit, and knowing the metal star had to go (this just wasn’t really my style), I had a vision. I wanted to add a mirror to the center of my metal piece and use it on the wall in my living room! First, I used a pair of pliers to pop out the metal star. It actually detached from the main metal piece with little effort. After I removed the star, I added a quick coat of black spray paint. I would seriously be lost without paint!

DIY Metal Wall Mirror

I was able to find a round piece of wood and round mirror at my local craft store. I painted my round piece of wood black. Once my paint was dry, I glued my mirror to the center of my wooden circle.  Finally, I glued my circle and mirror to the center of my metal piece. I placed a large glass jug on top of the metal piece to put some weight on it to make sure it adhered to my wood and mirror.

DIY Metal Wall Mirror

Once my metal piece was finished, I hung it up on my wall and added three rectangular mirrors to the side of it. I bought these three plain wooden mirrors at my local craft store. I then painted them black to match my metal sculpture.  There you have it, a DIY accent wall that has some serious twinkle!

DIY Metal Wall Mirror

DIY Metal Wall Mirror

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