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Oh Kale Yeah!

Have you heard of Kale? Well, if you haven’t I am surprise. Kale seems to be all of the rage these days! Admittedly, I actually like the stuff.  It’s kinda funny because I remember seeing kale back in the day being used as a garnish when you would go out to eat.  No one would actually eat the stuff. Funny how things change.

I was checking out West Elm’s website the other day and I saw these adorable mini leather zip pouches. I added them to my wish list (and am already deciding how I will alter it!). I also saw a tote that had “Oh Kale Yeah” on the front of it. Ummm…AWESOME! See, even West Elm is digging the whole Kale fad. :)

Check out my version of the West Elm tote below!

Are you familiar with Kale? Do you like it, or are you ready for this food fad to go away?

West Elm Oh Kale Yeah tote

{Photo Credit: West Elm}


– Canvas Tote

– Fabric Paint

– Fabric Paint Brush

– Wax Paper

– Printer Paper

– Tape

– Scissors

– Cardboard

– Black Fabric Marker

– Printer

– Pencil

CIY: West Elm inspired Oh Kale Yeah Tote Bag::

{Step 1}: Take your piece of print paper and place a piece of tape in the center.

{Step 2}: Place a sheet of wax paper over your tape. Then, cut your wax paper so it is the same size as your printer paper. Tape down the ends (this will help prevent your wax paper from getting jammed in your printer).

{Step 3}: Open up a new word doc. Spell out “Oh Kale Yeah”. I used the font Bebes (size 75) for Oh and Yeah. I used Marketing Script (size 175) for Kale. Both of these fonts can be found at Put your wax paper into your printer. Make sure you have the correct side up. When you print out your image, make sure you invert it so it prints out backwards.

{Step 4}: Place your image face down in the center of your tote. Then, use a ruler to rub over  the paper.

CIY: West Elm inspired Oh Kale Yeah Tote Bag::

{Step 5:}  Your image should be transferred to your tote when you pull off your wax paper.

{Step 6}: Start by outlining your your letters with your paint. Then, begin to fill in your lettings with paint.

{Step 7}: Continue filling in your letters until all of them have been filled in.

{Step 8}: I drew a leaf of kale on a piece of paper then traced it onto my tote. I then pained it. After my letters were dry, I went around my design with my fabric marker twice. Then, I painted both sides of my two tote handles.

CIY: West Elm inspired Oh Kale Yeah Tote Bag::

CIY: West Elm inspired Oh Kale Yeah Tote Bag::

CIY: West Elm inspired Oh Kale Yeah Tote Bag::

CIY: West Elm inspired Oh Kale Yeah Tote Bag::

CIY: West Elm inspired Oh Kale Yeah Tote Bag::

{Photo Credit: Bottom-West Elm}


5 Comments to Oh Kale Yeah!

  1. Heather {the lovely cupboard}
    December 9, 2013 3:12 pm

    This is super cute, Meghan! We are big kale eaters in our house:)

  2. JulieAnn
    December 9, 2013 6:25 pm

    I love to juice kale. Here is a recipe for kale chips, too. Not bad!

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