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Add a Vertical Garden to Your Kitchen

DIY Hanging Kitchen Planters

Every time I am at Home Depot (which is pretty much all of the time!), I always find myself lingering around the houseplants.  They have so many different succulents in this area. We all know this is really the only kind of houseplant I am allowed to have since it takes a little more effort to kill these type of plants.  I was having some serious plant envy the last time I was Home Depot so I decided to pick-up a few.  Whoops!

I wanted to somehow incorporate more plants into my kitchen, but I don’t have a ton of counter space.  I didn’t want to turn my (more…)

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Blitsy Monday’s: A Pretty Pom Pom Flower


I don’t know what it is about pom pom trim that I love so much.  Every time I see this trim at craft stores I always find myself wanting to buy it.  I never really have a project in mind at that moment, but I normally figure I will come up with something!

I was looking through some of the trims we had at Blitsy and came across (more…)

Nov 06, 2015 | Post by: Meghan 1 Comments

Create a Quick DIY Leather Tassel Keychain

Easy DIY Leather Tassel Keychain

I haven’t really worked much with leather, but I am always so impressed with the projects I see that incorporate leather pieces.  I wanted to try an easy leather project, so I ended up going with this super easy DIY leather tassel keychain!

Tassels are still a very popular accessory.  You can find these fun little frillies on necklaces, handbags, bracelets, shoes, and so much more!  I wanted to create a tassel out of leather that would dangle from my keys.  I am not really sure where my original key chain went, so the timing of this project was perfect!  My keys were (more…)

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Blitsy Monday’s: Quick and Easy DIY Infinity Scarf

Turn an old sweater into an a no-knit infinity scarf

I love coming up with ways to create projects that do not require a ton of time.  I have a very short attention span, which is why most of my projects are quick and easy. Speaking of quick and easy, I have never picked up knitting or crocheting because (for me) this is neither quick nor easy!  People that know how to knit say it is so easy once you get the hang of it.  I have watched people knit and I find the entire process confusing and stressful!  This, once again, goes back to my lack of patience!

Even though I have never had enough patience to sit down and learn the art of knitting, it has not stopped me from trying to figure out a away to create a knitted scarf.  You may be asking yourself “How in the world do you make a knitted scarf, without actually (more…)

Oct 30, 2015 | Post by: Meghan 2 Comments

Create a Mini Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand

I‘ve had a jade plant in my home now for over 10 years. It got so out-of-control big that I eventually had to cut it back a bit since the branches were starting to bend over from the weight of the leaves. I took all of the cut branches and replanted them (did you know you could do that with jades?!?!). I added one of the Jade branches to a square cement planter I had made. My planter has been sitting (more…)

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Blitsy Mondays: Halloween DIYs and A Plant That Won’t Die

I was looking at the calendar the other day and realized we are nearing the end of October. How in the world did that happen?!? No, seriously how is Halloween next weekend???  I can not get over how quickly time has been flying by lately.  It is really quite insane.  I feel like I was just laying out at the beach soaking up the sun, complaining about how hot it was.  Today, I woke with to darkness and tossed on an extra layer of clothing because I was “freezing”!

Even though I am still in shock Halloween is pretty much upon us, I decided to share a couple of fun last-minute projects you can make.  One is a quick costume you can whip up with materials you (most likely) have in you home.  If your kiddo needs a costume for school and you have been too busy to actually pick something up, this DIY Super Hero Costume Out of a T-Shirt is right up your alley.  Your kids will love customizing their cape to create their very own super hero.  Heck, you could also create your own cape if you are heading out to an adult Halloween party.  As you know, anything goes! :)

DIY Kid's Cape Costume out of an old t-shirt!

Another fun Halloween project for you are these adorable paper pumpkins.  I used the We R Memory Keepers Gift box Punch Board to create this DIY trio of paper pumpkins.  This punch board is traditionally used to create paper gift boxes for gift-giving.  Since I like to think outside of the box, I decided to turn my little boxes into a family of pumpkins.  Once you see this punch board in action you will seriously be addicted. (more…)

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Blitsy Monday’s: A Ring and Paper Things

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for more projects I have done over at Blitsy!

Today I am sharing with you a very easy ring to add to your jewelry collection.  Now, this ring may look hard to make, given all of the detail it has, but it was really easy to make.  To get the intricate design, I used a molding mat along with clay!  All you do is roll the clay over the texture mat, and you have awesome texture!  To get the shiny look, I used Sculpey Gloss Glaze.  You can see the full tutorial here.


Did you know four circles can make up a square?  I know, sounds totally crazy, but it’s true!  You can create a square envelope out of four circles.  To get my perfect circles, I used my Martha Stewart Circle Cutter.  This tool lets you get perfect circles every single time!  Just think of all the adorable customized envelopes you could make using this technique.  You could also use a square envelope to house some gifts like necklaces and bracelets.  If you are curious how to make your own square envelopes using the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter, check out the video tutorial here.


We’ve all experienced a bad day or week at work.  Sometimes, it can feel like nothing goes your way.  If you friend or family member is having a rough one, you need to send them this playful lemon card to brighter their day.  The outside says: “When life hands you lemons…”  and the inside says: “Make a drink!”.  A good, stiff drink always makes the situation better. :)  The card is perfect for all of you cardmaking beginners.  You can see the full tutorial here.


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Transform a Vase With Only a Few Supplies


Do you have an ugly, outdated vase, or one that just doesn’t match your decor anymore? Don’t toss it, give it a fancy little makeover to completely change the look of it!  (more…)

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Blitsy Monday’s: A Kate Spade Knock-Off and Party Decor

UntitledHappy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.  I had a pretty low-key weekend, which is always nice.  My calendar always seems pretty full on the weekends, which does not allow me much time to work on all of my DIY projects.  When a “nothing-on-the-calendar” weekend rolls around, I completely embrace it. :)

The two Blitsy projects I wanted to share with you this weekend have Summer written all over them.  The first project is perfect for a Summer soiree and the other project you will want around all season long to protect your peepers in style!  (more…)

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Alley Treasure: Crate Transformed Into a Coffee Table


After I bought my couch for my back porch, I knew I wanted to add a coffee table since my goal was to turn my back porch into an outdoor living room.  I really did not want to buy a coffee table (I was trying to decorate my porch on the cheap), so I decided to do a quick alley run one evening to see if I could find something to use as a coffee table.  No joke, within minutes, I found a wooden crate that was the perfect size for my porch!  This wasn’t just any old crate, it was almost like it was meant to be a coffee table (who knows, that’s what it may have actually been!).  The bottom planks of the crate were missing, which is what gave me the idea to use it as a coffee table. So, into my Jeep it went.


I knew my crate needed some love and my initial thought was to paint it.  I wanted to paint it white, but quickly realized that would not be the best choice since the likelihood of shoes being on it meant the bright white color would quickly fade.  Instead of painting my crate, I decided to stain it. I went with a dark ebony colored stain.  Before I started staining my crate, I ran my sander over the top to smooth out any rough areas.


After I stained all sides of my crate (including the inside), I thought it could use a little lift to make it a tad bit higher.  I originally thought I would add caster wheels to the bottom, but soon found out that the wheel size I needed for my crate did not come with locks.  The last thing I wanted was a coffee table that moved all over my porch!

I was at the craft store and ended up in the woodworking aisle looking for an alternative to caster wheels.  I saw these wooden shapes that looked like cones.  They were actually called “Doll Bodies”, but to me they looked like Mid-Century Modern legs…perfect for my coffee table!  After I bought the doll bodies (so weird), I added some stain to them so they would match my table.  After the stain was dry, I glued the legs to the bottom of my crate.


Total cost of my outdoor coffee table: $6

Crate – Free

Doll Bodies: $2

Minwax Stain in Dark Walnut: $4

IMG_6686 IMG_6691IMG_5952

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