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{Porch Redo} Project:2 – Outdoor Candle Holders

Pretty much anything that involves spending money I always try and find the best deal (I love it when I find super deals!).  My porch redo is no exception. When I looked at my porch and all of the sprucing up I wanted to do, I knew I had to take a trip to the good old Dollar Store to see if they had any hidden gems in stock.

Now, the dollar store can be hit or miss.  Some items are a great deal, others not so much.  I pretty much went down every single aisle looking for some treasures I could use to decorate my porch.  I knew my window ledge could use some loving, so when I went down the housewares aisle and spied clear latched containers I knew these would be great candle holders for outside.  I figured since they have a lid with a seal I could leave these outside all of the time.

After I grabbed my jars, I collected the rest of my supplies.  I went back to the aisle with the candles.  I grabbed three candles with lids.  I then went to the pet aisle, yes, the pet aisle!  You may be thinking, “What on Earth would she need from the pet aisle?”. I had my fingers crossed that the good old dollar store would have kitty litter.  This is great to use as a filler in your candles (I used kitty litter in my outdoor mason jar lanterns at my wedding).   I was pretty excited when I came upon the $1 kitty litter.  Woo Hoo!!!  My outdoor candles ended up costing me $7 (I had the raffia lying around from when I made paper flowers).

Now, let’s see how these are made… 

Porch Redo: CIY outdoor candle :: www.happinessiscreating.com


– 3 jars with lids

– 3 candles

– Kitty litter

– Raffia (I added this to give my candles more pizzazz)

– Scissors

Porch Redo: CIY outdoor candle :: www.happinessiscreating.com{Step 1}: Open your jars and pour in about and inch and a 1/4 of litter.  After you pour your litter, give your jar a little shake so it evens out the litter.

{Step 2}: Since I bought candles with lids, I removed the labels and lids from each.

{Step 3}:  Place your candles in the center of your jars.  Push down a bit so the candle digs into the litter.

{Step 4}:  Grab three strips of raffia and tie it around one jar under the metal latch.  Repeat this step with the other two jars.

Porch Redo: CIY outdoor candle :: www.happinessiscreating.com{Step 5}:  Tie a bow with your raffia and then trim the ends making them as long or short as you would like.  Repeat this step with your other jars.

Porch Redo: CIY outdoor candle :: www.happinessiscreating.comFinished!

Porch Redo: CIY outdoor candle :: www.happinessiscreating.com

2 Comments to {Porch Redo} Project:2 – Outdoor Candle Holders

  1. Shelby
    June 13, 2013 11:39 am

    Is there a reason for kitty litter, or can you use any pebble or stone in the bottom?

    • Meghan
      June 13, 2013 11:43 am

      Any pebble, stone, marble, etc. can be used. This is an old trick my mom has always used. Not sure where it came from. :) I assume it was for candles that did not have a container around them, so the wax would just go into the litter.

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