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We have a gallery wall!


When we moved into our new house I knew I wanted to try my hand at the gallery wall idea I had seen all over Pinterest. I love that there are so many different ways you can design a gallery wall. I ended up going with a more uniform design. I thought this design format would work better than the more scattered look I have seen.

To start my gallery wall, I traced all of the picture frames I was going to use onto white paper. I marked on the paper where the actual hook thingy was so I could easily find where I needed to hammer in my nail. Then, I arranged my pieces of paper on my wall, using painters tape to hold them up. There was measuring

involved, which is the bane of my existence! No matter how many times I measured and used my laser level, one of the pictures was always off! After a bit of a struggle, it was perfect (sort of).
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After the papers were up, I enlisted Mike’s help with the hammering. He is much better at this task than I am!  continue reading…

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Blitsy Thursdays: Round Things

This week at Blitsy I was clearly channeling all round crafts.  I whipped up a pair of coasters out of piping. I’ve actually never used piping before, so this was a first for me. This project was really simple. All I did was glue the piping in a circle to get the round shape. After that, I added some yarn stitches to bring a little life to my coasters. I then slapped on some felt on the bottom, and presto! My coasters were good to go! You can check out my full tutorial here.

For my second round project of the week, I went with a trivet. When I saw this round cork piece at the craft store I knew I could use it for something. At the time, I wasn’t sure what I would use it for, but I knew it would eventually come to me.  I realized the other day I am clearly not an avid cook (just ask Mike, he can vouch for this) when I needed a trivet and there where none in sight! Uh, yeah that cork circle? It’s new home is in my kitchen as a trivet! This is no ordinary trivet. This one has flair and a saying because I love when inanimate objects express themselves. To see how I created the cool geometric shapes on my trivet, head on over to blitsy for the full tutorial and get started on your round shaped crafts!


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Easy Tray Makeover

Transform a try with Mod Podge and Fabric!

Long time, no post! I figured it has been WAY too long since my last post. Time sure flies when you are busy and having fun!

I actually completed this project quite some time back. It has just taken me forever to edit the pictures and post them! Back in late Summer, I was looking through an HGTV magazine and they had written an article on how adding a tray to your kitchen can totally make all of your counter-top items look like they’ve been organized by a professional. Of course, I was all about this concept. Anything that was going to make my clutter look more organized and in turn, make me look like a genius, I was all game!  (more…)

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Kitchen Cart Re-do

diy, kitchen cart, makeover, wood stainMy in-laws used to have this little kitchen cart in their basement and it housed their mixer and microwave. Since they were in the process of moving, they no longer had a need for the cart so they gave it to Mike and I. We were pretty excited about the new addition to our kitchen.  Our kitchen isn’t all that big, but this kitchen cart fit perfectly next to our counter. It’s like it was meant to be!

After I re-did my kitchen table (another in-law hand-me-down), I thought it would be awesome if I could get the top of my kitchen cart to match (more…)

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Nate Berkus for Less!


I have been in full “decorate the front room” mode for what feels like FOREVER! I thought I had landed on a color scheme, but in true Meghan “fashion”, I went in another direction. I ended up changing directions when I came across (what I like to call) an  inspiration pillow. This pillow was navy with mint, lilac, and a very light champagne color. Normally I would not be down with purple, but I just loved how all of the colors came together!

I was able to find a couple of solid mint pillows, which I scooped up from Marshall’s for a cool $10 a piece! I knew I wanted (more…)

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A Fall Wreath Alternative


I have been busy working on house related projects, but the other day I got a little derailed because I realized it was officially Fall. Since I now own a home, I knew I wanted to do a little Fall decorating outside. When I lived in my apartment, I never did this, so I was super excited to make something for the front of my house!

A few years ago, my mother-in-law gave me some birchwood printed paper. I guess at one point I had told her she could get the look of a birchwood frame by buying birchwood printed paper and adding it to a frame as opposed to actually buying the real deal. I must have had a few glasses of wine because I do not remember this convo at all! Either way, she ended up not using the paper and gave it to me to use it for a project. I’ve had this paper forever and finally decided to use it!

I knew I wanted to add a Fall wreath to my front door. Now, I wasn’t really feeling a traditional wreath; I wanted something different. I came up with an idea using a large pinwheel, a berry wreath, and a small pinwheel. At first, I was going to use a small stick wreath I had bought at Joann’s, but as I got into my project I decided Click here to continue reading…

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DIY:Roughed Up Vases


I have been looking for something to put in, what I am calling, “the phone nook” in my kitchen. I assume this little window opening was once the home of a landline phone since there is a phone jack right below it. I have not owned a landline in  probably 10 years, so I knew I wanted to put something in this space, but wasn’t sure what. After I thought about it, I figured a vase would be good since it looks good on both sides (my initial thought was to put a frame there).

W hen I was at Joann’s the other day I decided to take a stroll down the vase aisle. Boy, was I in luck! They had 50% off all of their vases! I found a nice big vase that had a really cool pattern on it. The only problem, it was blue. I put the vase back a little bummed that it wasn’t a color that would work with my color scheme. Then, it hit me. I could just paint it! When I came to this realization, I grabbed another vase to put in the center of my table.  I went with white for both of my vases. I thought this was a simple clean color that would not compete with the color of my chairs.

Supplies Used:

- Vases

- Chalk Paint

- Sandpaper

- Paint Brush

paintedvaseabStep 1: Paint your vase with your chalk paint. Let it dry. Add another coat of chalk paint and let it dry.

paintedvase1Step 2: Once your paint is dry, use your sandpaper to go over any edges or grooves on your vase. Rub until you have exposed the original vase.


paintedvase6After you have roughed up your vase, wipe it down with a damp rag to remove any dust.




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A Kitchen Table That Pops!


I have been busy, busy, busy around our new house! From trying to organize all of our belonging, to painting the crap out of anything and everything that has a surface!

Speaking of painting, I have found a new obsession that is Chalk Paint. Not the kind you buy, but the kind you make yourself (obviously!). This stuff is pretty much magical. It allows you to paint wood furniture without sanding it. Oh, and the best part is, if you end up hating the color you picked (guilty as charged) you can paint Click here to continue reading…

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Blitsy Thursday’s: Fun with Pencils and Moss


This week at Blitsy I did a back-to-school craft that, admittedly, I was extremely excited about! I took my wood burner and used it on my pencils! The effect was really cool and the smell of the wood burning reminded me of the days when I went camping as a kid. Ahh….

Check out the full tutorial HERE! Psst…this one has a video. ;)


I also channeled Mother Earth this week at Blitsy. I took some moss sheets (which we have on sale right now at Blitsy) and added them to the top of mini gift boxes. After I added the moss, I added wired flowers and a paper butterfly to complete my mini moss garden boxes! Check out the full tutorial HERE!

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My _______ Colored Door!


So, I did it. I committed. I picked a red and went with it.

It was really hard trying to decide which color to go with for my front door. I really wanted yellow or blue, but ended up going with the color I always wanted, which was red. I am very happy with my choice. I think the red color looks really nice with my yellowish brick.

Now, I really did not want to post the end result yet, but people have been asking me which color I went with. You see, the front door looks like S*it. We are getting a new front door that is full glass, so you will be able to see the pretty door behind it, Oh, and we will not be putting sticky numbers to the front of our new door. We will be grown-ups, and will add some sort of metal number set to our actual house. ;)

I have to admit, my mind is already thinking of Fall/Winter wreaths to hang on my new red door.  Continue Reading…

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