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A Real Spring Statement

Spring statement necklace / JCrew Inspired #Happinessiscreating

 I think I finally created the ULTIMATE statement necklace!

Thanks to Beadmixer, I found the perfect beads and findings for, what will be, my new favorite necklace! When I was looking around their online shop, I had a hard time staying focused. They have so many brightly colored beads and other interesting findings. I knew I wanted to make a brightly colored necklace that was super eye-catching. When I saw they not only had large turquoise howlite beads (yes, I know this is no surprise!), but they also had the bronze settings for them. My search was over!

I decided to build my extreme statement necklace around the turquoise beads. I knew I wanted to take advantage of the holes surrounding the bronze setting. When I came across the faceted cobalt beads I thought they would be the perfect addition to my necklace. Now all I needed was something dangly to hang from my cobalt beads. I landed on these amazing citrus faceted jade beads. These beads are so cheery, they look like candy!

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Quote of the Week: 4.7.2014

If you keep repeating, it will happen!

Have a great week!


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Makeover, What?

{Photo Credit: Helen Dealtry for Design*Sponge}

Hey everyone!

I have been wanting to give my little blogidy blog an update for quite some time now. I literally have been playing with colors, fonts, and designs since last November! I am a Taurus and tend to resist change, hence my blog looking the same as it did when I launched last year.  Whoops!

I figured it was time to give my blog a fun, fresh makeover! I have been curating a color board on Pinterest for quite some time now and FINALLY landed on a color scheme I love! I knew I wanted to keep my beloved turquoise in the mix, so this color will be staying. I am adding a few other pops of color that I think will work great together. Some of you may have seen a few of my banners dating back to November when I started designing and uploading them to my blog. They were only there for a minute, but if you refreshed, you may have seen some of the ideas I came up with!

I am super pumped about this makeover and hope you guys are as well. I am not exactly sure when the full reveal will be, but when it comes it will be awesome!

Here are the colors I am going to use for my blog makeover. What do you think?

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My “Phillip Lim” Tassel Makeover

Pashli Large Zip Tote Bag

I am kind of dying right now at my “Phillip Lim” tassel makeover! Since I am a thrifty/crafty person, I am not one to spend a ton of money on handbags (I would say this goes for pretty much everything!). When I saw the below Phillip Lim bag, my heart skipped a beat. When I saw the price tag, my heart almost STOPPED!!!

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DIY Anthropologie Inspired Wall Art


This week at Blitsy I created very Anthropologie-esque wall art. My wall art was super easy to make as well as super cheap!

Give your wall a face-lift with this easy wall art tutorial!



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T-shirt Challenge: Painted Sunset

Back when it was dark around 4:30pm, I would always marvel at the sunset. The colors were bright and vibrant. I kept thinking I should snap a picture of it, but would always forget, which is the story of my life!

Since I could not capture an actual picture of a sunset, I decided to paint my own version of the sunset on a t-shirt. I was randomly looking online to see if such a t-shirt existed, and I actually found one! It looks like good ol’ Marc Jacobs did his version of a sunset t-shirt! I guess that means I am in good company. ;)

T-shirt challenge: painted sunset #happinessiscreating


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Spring Jar Makeover


I’m still here!

Sorry, I have been MIA. I have been SUPER busy with work, life, and house hunting. All very exciting stuff. :)


I am sometimes a garbage collector. Well, not like I am picking garbage out of a dumpster (err…um….I have actually done that). Either way, (typically) I will save items from going into the trash because I think I can use them for something else.

I recently saved a jar from Trader Joe’s because I really liked the shape of it. I took my jar and put it in my one of my kitchen cabinets. Of course, I had forgotten all about it until Mike recently reminded me. I figured it was time that I finally used my jar for something or Mike was going to throw it away!. So, I painted my jar and added cute vinyl flowers! Now I just need some flowers (or candy!) to put in it. ;)

Spring jar makeover! 3happinessiscreating

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