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Blitsy Monday’s: A Ring and Paper Things

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for more projects I have done over at Blitsy!

Today I am sharing with you a very easy ring to add to your jewelry collection.  Now, this ring may look hard to make, given all of the detail it has, but it was really easy to make.  To get the intricate design, I used a molding mat along with clay!  All you do is roll the clay over the texture mat, and you have awesome texture!  To get the shiny look, I used Sculpey Gloss Glaze.  You can see the full tutorial here.


Did you know four circles can make up a square?  I know, sounds totally crazy, but it’s true!  You can create a square envelope out of four circles.  To get my perfect circles, I used my Martha Stewart Circle Cutter.  This tool lets you get perfect circles every single time!  Just think of all the adorable customized envelopes you could make using this technique.  You could also use a square envelope to house some gifts like necklaces and bracelets.  If you are curious how to make your own square envelopes using the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter, check out the video tutorial here.


We’ve all experienced a bad day or week at work.  Sometimes, it can feel like nothing goes your way.  If you friend or family member is having a rough one, you need to send them this playful lemon card to brighter their day.  The outside says: “When life hands you lemons…”  and the inside says: “Make a drink!”.  A good, stiff drink always makes the situation better. :)  The card is perfect for all of you cardmaking beginners.  You can see the full tutorial here.


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Transform a Vase With Only a Few Supplies


Do you have an ugly, outdated vase, or one that just doesn’t match your decor anymore? Don’t toss it, give it a fancy little makeover to completely change the look of it!  (more…)

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Blitsy Monday’s: A Kate Spade Knock-Off and Party Decor

UntitledHappy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.  I had a pretty low-key weekend, which is always nice.  My calendar always seems pretty full on the weekends, which does not allow me much time to work on all of my DIY projects.  When a “nothing-on-the-calendar” weekend rolls around, I completely embrace it. :)

The two Blitsy projects I wanted to share with you this weekend have Summer written all over them.  The first project is perfect for a Summer soiree and the other project you will want around all season long to protect your peepers in style!  (more…)

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Alley Treasure: Crate Transformed Into a Coffee Table


After I bought my couch for my back porch, I knew I wanted to add a coffee table since my goal was to turn my back porch into an outdoor living room.  I really did not want to buy a coffee table (I was trying to decorate my porch on the cheap), so I decided to do a quick alley run one evening to see if I could find something to use as a coffee table.  No joke, within minutes, I found a wooden crate that was the perfect size for my porch!  This wasn’t just any old crate, it was almost like it was meant to be a coffee table (who knows, that’s what it may have actually been!).  The bottom planks of the crate were missing, which is what gave me the idea to use it as a coffee table. So, into my Jeep it went.


I knew my crate needed some love and my initial thought was to paint it.  I wanted to paint it white, but quickly realized that would not be the best choice since the likelihood of shoes being on it meant the bright white color would quickly fade.  Instead of painting my crate, I decided to stain it. I went with a dark ebony colored stain.  Before I started staining my crate, I ran my sander over the top to smooth out any rough areas.


After I stained all sides of my crate (including the inside), I thought it could use a little lift to make it a tad bit higher.  I originally thought I would add caster wheels to the bottom, but soon found out that the wheel size I needed for my crate did not come with locks.  The last thing I wanted was a coffee table that moved all over my porch!

I was at the craft store and ended up in the woodworking aisle looking for an alternative to caster wheels.  I saw these wooden shapes that looked like cones.  They were actually called “Doll Bodies”, but to me they looked like Mid-Century Modern legs…perfect for my coffee table!  After I bought the doll bodies (so weird), I added some stain to them so they would match my table.  After the stain was dry, I glued the legs to the bottom of my crate.


Total cost of my outdoor coffee table: $6

Crate – Free

Doll Bodies: $2

Stain: $4

IMG_6686 IMG_6691IMG_5952

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Update a Clutch with Faux Beads Using Scribbles Paint

Happiness Is Creating - DIY Dimensional painted clutch

It’s Summer in Chicago, which means multiple street festivals every weekend.  This is the time of year every Chicagoan waits for.  Once Winter thaws, we slowly move into Spring and then Summer.  Most of us here in Chicago are thankful the city gives us fun events to attend since the nice weather is so short-lived around here. Those of us that live in the city stay pretty busy since there are a couple of street festivals going on every single weekend in Chicago between Memorial Day and Labor Day. WooHoo!

I was recently at a street fest, wandering past the vendors that were set-up in the streets and checking out all of their goods.  Now, I don’t usually shop at street fests since I am typically there to enjoy the live music and a cocktail or two. ;)  However, at this street fest, I spied a fun Aztec style clutch that was super cute.  I walked over to get a closer look at it and saw it was only $8.  I honestly couldn’t pass up the price for this fun little clutch, so I bought it.  When items are this cheap, it’s hard for me to say “NO!”.

My initial plan was to use my street fest clutch as my go-to clutch this Summer.  After looking at the design for a bit, I felt it could use a little bit of color.  I saw a really cool clutch (very similar to mine) that had pretty bead work on it.  Since I have zero patience to actually sit down and add tiny seed beads to anything, I wanted to come up with an easy workaround that would not test my patience.

Do you remember Puffy Paint? I used to use this stuff on t-shirts and sweatshirts to create my own New Kids on the Block fashion statement (yes, people this was before the other boy bands emerged).  Since Puffy Paint is dimensional, I thought it would be the perfect solution to create little “beads”.  Puffy paint wins again!  This time around it is a little more fashionable than my NYKOTB outfits. :)


  • Patterned Clutch (Check out this clutch for sale on Etsy)
  • Scribbles Paint (I used Fluorescent Orange and Turquoise)

Happiness Is Creating - DIY Dimensional painted clutch

Step 1: Use your orange puffy paint to create dots of paint on your clutch.  I chose to go over the black part of the Aztec design on my clutch.

Happiness Is Creating - DIY Dimensional painted clutch

Step 2: I added my orange dots to all of the inside black aztec designs and let them dry.

Happiness Is Creating - DIY Dimensional painted clutch

Step 3: I then added blue dots around the outside of all of my orange dots.

Happiness Is Creating - DIY Dimensional painted clutch

Step 4: Once the paint was dry on the back side of my clutch, I flipped it over and added my painted bead design to the back.

Happiness Is Creating - DIY Dimensional painted clutch

All you need to do is added your accessories to your clutch and you are in business!

Happiness Is Creating - DIY Dimensional painted clutchHappiness Is Creating - DIY Dimensional painted clutch

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Blitsy Monday’s: Stamps, Stencils, and an Embellished Mailer

Blitsy Monday’s are here, wait what?, It’s not Thursday?

So, I have decided that Blitsy Thursday’s are now going to be Blitsy Monday’s.  I wanted to move this feature to the beginning of the week.  Don’t worry,  I will still be sharing 3 projects I have made for Blitsy each week, the only change is it will now be on Monday’s instead of Thursdays!

First up this week is an easy, brightly colored pillow perfect for a bedroom or livingroom. This pillow was super easy to make.  All I did was grab a trendy geometric stencil and some fabric paint and stenciled on a pillow cover.  I love the way my new bright yellow pillow looks on our dark blue couch!


If you are a bride to be or have a party you are throwing, you are going to love my next DIY project.  This project is the easiest way to quickly add some color and customization to your soiree.  To add a colorful design to your cocktail napkins, pick a pretty color of pigment ink (this ink will not run if it gets wet, which is super important!) along with your favorite stamp and get stampin’! Just think, you could add a monogram and give customized cocktail napkins along with a bottle of wine as a thoughtful housewarming gift!  See the full tutorial here and also pick-up the supplies to make your own customized napkins.



I love when I get packages in the mail.  It is always a pleasant surprise, even if I am the one that actually sent the package to myself! When I was at Target the other day I saw some cheap bubble mailers.  When I looked at them, an idea came to me.  Why send a boring, plain package when you can send a fun colorful package?  I grabbed some ink, papers, and stickers and I transformed my mailer into a fun, cheerful package that would put a smile on anyone’s face.  Come see my finished mailer here!e101c9096038aeb7f7447d964706f3664592a6b1

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Even More Projects for You!

Guess what?  I have even more projects for you guys!

I was recently contacted by (a DIY inspiration website) to contribute monthly projects to their site on behalf of Blitsy.  This means EVEN more projects inspirations coming your way!

For my first project, I ended up making a marbled pendant necklace. Marbling has become very popular lately, so what better way to embrace the trend than with a necklace!  You won’t believe how easy it is to get the look of marble, but at a fraction of the price. You can see the full tutorial here.

If you love the project and need to make your own, you can get the supplies now at Blitsy!


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Blitsy Thursdays: A Cactus Tote and A Necklace Rescue

Have you noticed how popular cactuses have become lately?  Everywhere I look, I see projects incorporating cactuses!  Well, having seen so many cactus projects I have been convinced I am also in love with cactuses!  Isn’t is funny how that works?

To jump on the cactus bandwagon, I decided to do a project that was a little more playful. I created a cactus straw tote using foam sheets.  I have honestly not used foam sheet since I was a kid.  Even though it’s been FOREVER since I’ve used foam, I think I may have found a new love!  I have a feeling I will be doing more projects using foam!

See how you can create your own DIY cactus tote here.


This week, I also did an emergency necklace rescue.  My co-worker, Emily, had somehow managed to get clear nail polish on her necklace.  The polish ruined some of the beads and had gotten on her already quite tarnished chain.

Emily was thinking about getting rid of her necklace, until I told her it could be rescued.  I did a quick surgery on her necklace, removing the chain and the ruined beads. With the quick transformation, her necklace has been given back years of life! Check out my quick tutorial on how to transform an old ruined necklace.  Just think of all the necklaces you could save just by swapping out an old chain!


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A Cheap Rug Made Luxurious!

Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by  All opinions are 100% my own. 

Now that my outdoor living room is finished (pics to come), I have started focusing on my basement again. The first part of the room I wanted to focus on was the rug.  We had a great rug, but I felt the room needed a little more pattern.  Our original rug matched the tile in our basement, so it kind of got lost in the room.


I had been looking for a rug for sometime. I bought one online and realized it was a flat weave, which was not going to work on my hard, cold tile floor.  I knew I needed a high pile wool rug.  I figured the higher pile would make the rug feel better against the hard floor.  I was telling my mom about my rug dilemma she said I should get a rug pad.  I have never owned a rug pad, so I was curious to learn more about them.

Initially I was going to just buy a cheap old rug pad from Walmart and call it a day, but decided against it when I found more information about rug pads from Yes, people there is educational info about rug pads you should know!

First off, roughly 90% of all rug pads come from overseas. They are chemically rich and toxic breeding grounds for odor causing bacteria and VOC emissions (umm…GROSS!). In addition, the petrochemical oils in pvc pads can often dissipate into the floor, permanently marring and discoloring your floor finishes over time. The last thing I want to do is ruin my floor!

The rug pads from are  made with 100% natural rubber. Natural rubber is the safest material to use on all floors. While pvc pads “Stick” to floors, natural rubber will “grip” floors. Natural rubber has very low VOC’s and comes directly from real rubber trees, thus out-gassing and floor staining is never an issue. Aside from its performance benefits, natural rubber is made using real 100% natural rubber tree sap. It’s very eco-friendly. The rug pads from sounded WAY better than the low quality rug pad I almost bought from Walmart!

I ended up going with the Eco-Plush Rug Pad for my basement.  The Eco-Plush felt rug pad offered a thick layer of protection and comfort. The pad is dense and offers better protection and more comfort for larger area rugs. It was also perfect for my cold, hard tile. When I got the pad, it came in a large box. I was so impressed with the size of the pad – I was expecting it to be much smaller.  I also could not get over how thick the pad was.  I was expecting it to be thin like other pads I had seen before. Oh, I ended up getting the rug I ordered the same say as the pad (it was meant to be!).

I first removed my old rug from the area.  Then, I laid down my rug pad.  The kind folks over at cut my pad down smaller than my rug so the ends would not stick out of my rug.


After the pad was down, I then put my rug over the pad.  You can see just how thick my Eco-Plush Pad is.


My rug seriously feels like a million bucks!  The pad makes SUCH a difference.  I am trying to figure out how I have gone through life this long without rug pads in my life?  Seriously, my rug makes my rug feel so luxurious!

Make sure you check out all of the rug pads at!


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Alley Treasure Find: Oak Coffee Table

By now, you probably know that I love finding a good alley treasure.  I literally get a high when I notice something made of wood during a quick alley scan.  I swear, I have trained my eyes to see all wood objects from far distances (even though I am near-sighted!). I will not lie, sometimes what looks like wood is actually cardboard.  Like I said, my eyes are not the best!

One day while trolling an alley by my house, an oak coffee table found its way onto my radar. As I got closer to the “wooden object”, I was delighted to see it was actually wood.  After a quick inspection, I thought it was good enough to snag.  Now, I had Mike’s car (aka our new car) and was a little hesitant to throw it in the back.  I ended up channeling my dad’s crazy car OCD and gingerly placed the coffee table into the car, taking extra care to ensure nothing touched the sides. Mission accomplished!

On my home with my treasure, I began brainstorming what I wanted to do with it.  I was thinking of maybe going with a bright, funky color, but as I looked closer at the table, I realized a funky color wouldn’t jive with it.  My coffee table felt more like Pottery Barn and less like CB2. So, I decided to update it accordingly.

I went with a darker gray color for my coffee table. I was going to stain the top a dark walnut color (similar to my kitchen table) and paint the legs gray, but ended up painting everything gray.  First, I sanded the top to smooth out some of the dings and scratches. After I sanded the top, I made my own chalk paint and painted my entire coffee table with it.  After the paint dried, I went over it with a furniture wax. Now, I am trying to sell it my cute little Pottery Barn inspired coffee table. Any takers? :)

happiness is creating: coffee table makeoverhappiness is creating: coffee table makeoverhappiness is creating: coffee table makeoverhappiness is creating: coffee table makeoverhappiness is creating: coffee table makeover

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