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Alley Treasure Find: Oak Coffee Table

By now, you probably know that I love finding a good alley treasure.  I literally get a high when I notice something made of wood during a quick alley scan.  I swear, I have trained my eyes to see all wood objects from far distances (even though I am near-sighted!). I will not lie, sometimes what looks like wood is actually cardboard.  Like I said, my eyes are not the best!

One day while trolling an alley by my house, an oak coffee table found its way onto my radar. As I got closer to the “wooden object”, I was delighted to see it was actually wood.  After a quick inspection, I thought it was good enough to snag.  Now, I had Mike’s car (aka our new car) and was a little hesitant to throw it in the back.  I ended up channeling my dad’s crazy car OCD and gingerly placed the coffee table into the car, taking extra care to ensure nothing touched the sides. Mission accomplished!

On my home with my treasure, I began brainstorming what I wanted to do with it.  I was thinking of maybe going with a bright, funky color, but as I looked closer at the table, I realized a funky color wouldn’t jive with it.  My coffee table felt more like Pottery Barn and less like CB2. So, I decided to update it accordingly.

I went with a darker gray color for my coffee table. I was going to stain the top a dark walnut color (similar to my kitchen table) and paint the legs gray, but ended up painting everything gray.  First, I sanded the top to smooth out some of the dings and scratches. After I sanded the top, I made my own chalk paint and painted my entire coffee table with it.  After the paint dried, I went over it with a furniture wax. Now, I am trying to sell it my cute little Pottery Barn inspired coffee table. Any takers? :)

happiness is creating: coffee table makeoverhappiness is creating: coffee table makeoverhappiness is creating: coffee table makeoverhappiness is creating: coffee table makeoverhappiness is creating: coffee table makeover

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Biltsy Thursdays: A Restoration Hardware Knockoff and Pushpins

I love when items are used for something they are not intended for, like nail polish being used as a crafting supply.  I am not really sure who stumbled upon this, but what a fantastic idea! It seems like all I see now are projects that incorporate nail polish. People have even taken their nail polish projects one step further by using them to create marbled effects on objects from planters to mugs!  This week at Blitsy I got on the bandwagon and made my own DIY Marbled Nail Polish Push Pins.  This project is so much fun to do. You have to check it out! Psst…there is even a video!


I don’t normally shop at Restoration Hardware because it is too rich for my blood (or I am just too damn cheap!).  Forever ago, I had pinned a picture of their Metal Leaf Spheres, not because I wanted to by them, but because I wanted to create my own version for less (this is obviously more my speed!).  Well, this was the week at Blitsy that I decided to figure out my own versions of the Leaf Spheres.

My initial thought when I saw the Restoration Hardware Leaf Spheres was: “Felt.  I must use felt.” Instead of mimicking the tin with a gray colored felt, I went bold with a bright yellow color.  My version cost about $10 to make compared to the $100 original from Restoration Hardware.  I don’t but about you, but I think my version looks pretty spot on.  What do you think? You can see the full tutorial here as well as buy the supplies. Score!


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Kitchenaid Adventures: Peanut Butter Cookies

Happiness is creating: Kitchenaid Adventures

When Mike and I were engaged, we were super excited to register for some new home accessories, decor, and kitchen gadgets.  One of the items we was a KitchenAid Mixer.  Now, I was not a big baker, but I knew this was something you registered for. I felt like every “adult” kitchen had a KitchenAid Mixer in it.

Well, we were lucky and someone bought us our KitchenAid Mixer! After we got all of our shower and wedding gifts, we put them into storage.  Mike and I did not want to use our new goodies until we bought a house.  Well, two and a half years later, we bought a house and finally unpacked all of our wedding gifts!

I was so exited to place our KitchenAid Mixer on our countertop.  We were officially adults! Now, It still took me another 6 months before I actually used the darn thing! Like I said before, I am no baker!  I have used my KitchenAid Mixer twice.  Once to make Irish Soda Bread and another time to make a lamb cake for Easter (this was a huge success by the way!).

I was thinking, since I have my awesome KitchenAid Mixer (and I’m not so skilled in the baking department), I would challenge myself to start baking, so I started with some peanut butter cookies as a gift to my father-in-law for Father’s Day.  Peanut butter cookies are his favorite.  I was looking for a recipe for the best peanut butter cookies.  I found one that had a TON of positive reviews.  This peanut butter cookie recipe sounded amazing, so I decided to give it a try myself.

The recipe itself is SUPER simple.  It is made with the most basic ingredients. In an attempt to get fancy, I bought the Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butter.  I thought this would make my cookies taste much better.  Let’s just say, the White Chocolate Wonderful is pretty much out of this world, so the regular stuff had to be just as good.  I started by adding my peanut butter (and maybe eating a spoonful just to taste it’s yumminess). I followed with the remaining 5 ingredients that were to be mixed together. As I finished adding the final ingredient to the top of my cookie mound, I realized I had added freakin’ almond extract instead of vanilla extract. STORY.OF.MY.LIFE! Of course it had to be the LAST ingredient! Of course…

I grabbed the bowl off my KitchenAid Mixer and dumped the contents into the garbage. Defeat. I needed a quick drink before I stepped back into the baking arena. This was supposed to be simple, right?  Once I was calm and refocused, I began adding my ingredients back into the bowl (nothing like wasting half of a $5 jar of PB!). This go around was much quicker.

After all of my ingredients had been added, I let that puppy mix until my batter was nice and smooth.  I’m not sure if I was supposed to let it get that smooth (my assumption is, probably not since my batter was super sticky!).  I love that since I have no baking experience whatsoever, I am not judging how long cookie batter needs to mix!  However, my workaround was to throw my batter in the fridge for a few  minutes so it could solidify a bit before I rolled it into a ball.  That actually worked!

The final step of my PB cookie adventure was to push a fork into my dough, forming the signature cross marks we all know.  The recipe said you could dip your fork in flour or sugar.  My question is: “Who in their right mind would choose a flour option over sugar?” Not this girl!  Sugar won that showdown, obviously.

Even though my baking skills were not the strongest out of the gate, I redeemed myself.  My PB cookies were Damn good!  You MUST try this recipe.  It should be is super easy!  I’m not sure if the Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butter is what made the difference, or the that fact that I mixed my cookie dough into pancake batter, either way, you should follow my instructions exactly. :)

I made my cookie balls pretty large. My ADD was not going to sit there rolling out a million small cookies.

Happiness is creating: Best Peanut Butter CookiesHappiness is creating: Best Peanut Butter Cookies

Since these cookies where for Father’s Day, I placed them in a kraft treat box with some tissue paper.

Happiness is creating: Best Peanut Butter Cookies

I then wrapped some baker’s twine around the box so my father-in-law thought he was getting gourmet cookies.  It’s all in the presentation, people.

Happiness is creating: Best Peanut Butter Cookies

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Blitsy Thursdays: DIY Artwork

This week at Blitsy…

I clearly had artwork on my mind! The first piece of artwork I made was 3D Flower Wall Art. Surprisingly, I actually got this cool idea from Target. I was in the home decor section when I saw this framed flower whose petals were cut from the paper and curled up.  I was so fascinated by it that in true Meghan fashion, I snapped a photo of it as inspiration.  he other day I pulled up the photo I took and decided to do my own version of the 3D Flower Wall Art I had seen at Target.

This piece of artwork is so affordable to make.  All you need are two pieces of paper and a shadowbox frame. That’s it! If you are curious how I made my 3D Flower Wall Art, you can see the full tutorial here.


Last week I was going through our warehouse just checking out all of the supplies we had. I started grabbing random products and putting them in a box.  When I got back to our office, I took out all of my supplies and laid them on the table.  I stared at them for a moment and out of nowhere, an idea came to me. I ended up using the round wooden plaque I had grabbed as a base and layered really pretty floral paper. To finish off my plaque, I added a darling little quote.  Check out the full tutorial here to see how I created dimension to my floral paper!


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Quick DIY Statement Necklace for Beginners

Happiness is creating: quick DIY statement necklace for beginners

Look at that, I made a necklace! It has seriously been FOREVER since I made a necklace. My thing has always been jewelry, but lately I have been busy doing projects around my house and have kind of put my jewelry making to the side.  It makes me look good, but not my house, and we all know I am in house mode!

When you see this necklace, you probably think, “Wow, it must have been super hard to make!”.  Truth be told, this necklace took less than two minutes to make and it was so simple, even a child could do it!  I love the look the of J.Crew necklaces. They are always so pretty and make such a statement.  I am usually on some sort of clothing/accessory budget and don’t usually spend a ton on clothing (which is why I usually try to make everything I see at J.Crew!).  When I saw these jewelry components from Darice that looked like something I would buy from J.Crew, I nearly squealed!

The Darice Statement Looks allow you to mix and match your components to create jewelry in a snap, and not just any old jewelry, jewelry that rivals anything you would buy from J.Crew! Did I mention, this jewelry is WAAAY cheaper than any piece you would buy from J.Crew? You could make a few of these and the price would still come in under one necklace from J.Crew, just sayin’.

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Darice Statement Looks Chain

- Darice Statement Looks Statement Piece

- Jewelry Pliers

Happiness is creating: quick DIY statement necklace for beginners

Step 1: Open one jump ring of the end of your chain.

Happiness is creating: quick DIY statement necklace for beginners

Step 2: Slide the jump ring from your statement piece on and close.

Happiness is creating: quick DIY statement necklace for beginners

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 on the other side of your chain.

Happiness is creating: quick DIY statement necklace for beginners

That’s all folks!  See, I told you it was the easiest piece of jewelry to make EVER!

Happiness is creating: quick DIY statement necklace for beginners

Happiness is creating: quick DIY statement necklace for beginners

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Friday Faves Round-Up

> I stumbled upon so many gorgeous projects this week. The first one was a crafting party invite template. Ummm, I need to have a crafting party STAT! I can see my friends and I crafting, snacking, and enjoying some cocktails!

> If I do end up organizing a crafting party, I will totally be making this DIY graphic printed tablecloth. This looks like it could be from West Elm.

> The perfect way to display a pretty, simple flower is in a simple vase.  I can just imagine how lovely one of my mini red roses would be in one of these.

> You can never have too many totes, and this tote is perfect, especially if you love donuts (and who doesn’t love doughnuts???).

> Finally, I came across a piece of DIY artwork that a child could make. Seriously, your kid could create this awesome work of art!

Have a great weekend!

happiness is creating: friday faves

 Find My Faves Here:

1. Craft Party Invite Printable via Squirrelly Minds

2. DIY Graphic Print Tablecloth  via Let’s Mingle

3. DIY Bud Vases via This Heart of Mine

4. DIY Donut Tote Bag via Damask Love

5. DIY Art via Vintage Revivals

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Blitsy Thursdays: Apron, Tumblers, and Bowls

This week at Blitsy I was on a mission to reuse a pair of serious hot pants I bought from Wal-mart.  I was recently in Wisconsin and was in serious need of some workout pants. Being my outrageous self, I opted for the hot pink pineapple pants (also note the matching shoes) in lieu of the black, subtle pants.  I have recently been on a pineapple kick. I am pretty much obsessed with all things pineapple. Now, I knew I wouldn’t wear these pants again, but I couldn’t quite part with the fabric (spoken like a true hoarder, er, I mean crafter).  I finally was able to come up with a project using my fantastic pineapples. Oh, how I love my little pineapple apron! Head on over to Blitsy to check out the full tutorial.

Blitsy Thursdays: pineapple apron Kate Spade inspired dishes

This week, I also took a stroll though the Dollar Store and found some serious inspiration. I snagged a set of four green tumblers along with 4 green bowls for $2.  That’s right, two items purchased at the Dollar Store will cost you $1 + $1 = $2. :) I wanted to recreate my version of a set of clear tumblers covered in gold metallic polka dots from Kate Spade.  Of course, the Kate Spade tumblers were seriously overpriced. The tumblers and bowls I made would be great as a house warming gift or for a backyard party! See the full tutorial here.

Blitsy Thursdays: pineapple apron Kate Spade inspired dishesBlitsy Thursdays: pineapple apron Kate Spade inspired dishes

Top image via Kate Spade

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New House Equals New Porch Redo

Our back porch has been pretty neglected since we moved into our house last year. When we moved in, I just placed an old table and chairs on the back porch and threw some pillows I already had on the chair. I knew I wanted my back porch to look nice, but I didn’t have the time or energy to put into it since my main focus was the inside of my house. Now that the inside of my house is coming along (and Summer is here again), my goal is to turn my back porch into a getaway that feels like an outdoor living room.

For starters, I knew I wanted to get rid of the small table I had and get a couch instead. When I was at my parent’s house, I fell in love with their outdoor couch. My super cratfy mom added some DIY pillows to her couch, which made it so incredibly comfy! So, I went online at Target and ordered my love seat. I already had the chairs from my old apartment, which were perfect because they were also wicker. I did a little rearranging and replaced the wicker chairs with my love seat. I also had an outdoor rug I had bought from Ikea last year that I was not loving this year and knew I needed one that had a little more color to it. After I rearranged my furniture I really wanted to include a coffee table in the middle of my chairs and couch. When I was alley trolling one day (imagine that, me cruising an alley!), I came across an old crate that did not have a bottom to it, which made it look like a coffee table! I grab the crate and threw it into my car – a DIY makeover coming soon!

Happiness is creating: Porch before

When Mike and discussed the decor for the porch last year, he kept asking for a Chicago flag pallet wall hanging. I kept blowing off the idea because he wanted to buy one (which we all knew would never happen). If we were going to have a pallet flag, we were going to make it! I did not have the time last year to focus on making a pallet flag, but I do have the time now. So, I let the Chicago flag pallet drive the decor for my back porch. I embraced the color red along with a light blue.

When I was at Hobby Lobby a month ago I found the most gorgeous fabric EVER! It basically had all of my favorite colors in it, including the red and blue I was going with for the flag pallet! I also lucked out because Hobby Lobby had a pillow cover in the perfect red color and a cool design that I fell in love with. I bought both of them to start my porch transformation.  See my pillows below. You can see my tutorial on how to make your own pillows here.

I have more porch projects coming your way…stay tuned!

Happiness is creating: DIY Outdoor Pillow

Happiness is creating: DIY Outdoor Pillow

Happiness is creating: red geometric  patterned outdoor pillow and waverly santa maria fabric pillow

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A Little Spring Cleaning


Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by HOMEJOY.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

This June will be our “New House” one year anniversary. Crazy, right? Having moved into our house in the Summer, this is officially our first Spring here. With Spring comes flowers, showers, my birthday, and good ol’ Spring cleaning! I can honestly say I have never followed the Spring cleaning checklist. I decided this year would be different.

It’s so funny how my view towards my living space has changed since I became a homeowner.  I take so much more pride in what my home looks like. I mean, it is the biggest purchase Mike and I  have ever made. We really should be treating it like a museum. The first stop in making our house a happy home was to make sure it was clean, Spring clean!

To help with the overall cleaning process, I enlisted a little help from HOMEJOY If you are not familiar with HOMEJOY, they are a website platform that connects clients with cleaning professional in their area.  At HOMEJOY, every cleaning professional is screened, background checked, and must maintain stellar ongoing customer reviews. This is HUGE, especially since you are welcoming this person into your home.

White Full Logo (Yellow Background)-01

To book my Spring Cleaning, I went to HOMEJOY’s website, entered my personal info along with my zip code so they could provide me with a cleaning professional in my area. When booking an appointment, you fill out how many rooms you are having cleaned and can add any extras like laundry and having your fridge and oven cleaned.

I was having a little bit of difficulty finding a cleaning professional in my area (I blame my new neighborhood. It’s not as popular as Bucktown!). When I notified HOMEJOY of my difficulty finding an available cleaning professional in my neighborhood, they were super quick to respond and got my appointment booked right away. You can also book an appointment, view your preferences, and cancel an appointment via their mobile app, which is perfect if you are on the go!

PicMonkey Collage

What’s great about HOMEJOY’s online platform is you can pick the same cleaning professional, or build-up a favorites list of cleaning professionals you really like. You can also specify cleaning requests such as only non-toxic cleaning products be used so you and your family members are not exposed to harsh chemicals. All of this info is saved in your profile!

The day of my cleaning, I received a few text messages to my cell phone: one was a reminder that my appointment was at 1:00, another one was to notify me that my cleaning professional was on her way, and the third was a notification that my cleaning professional had started cleaning. Talk about being kept in the loop! ;) Edyta was my cleaning professional. She arrived on-time, was very friendly, and did an amazing job cleaning our house. Even Mike commented on how nice the house smelled. He normally doesn’t notice things like that, so for him to notice, you know the house smelled damn good! When Edyta was finished cleaning our bathrooms, she neatly folded our toilet paper and added a cute little HOMEJOY sticker. It felt like a hotel bathroom!



Even though I needed assistance with my booking, my overall experience with HOMEJOY was a great one. I have to say, my first Spring cleaning experience was great, especially since I had help. Now it’s your turn to get your home nice and Springy cleaned by a HOMEJOY cleaning professional! If you want to make your house smile, click on this link www.homejoy.com/happinessiscreating to receive $25 off your first HOMEJOY booking! Hurry up! This deal won’t last long!


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A Mad Men Inspired Room

Mad Men is coming to an end. I know, I know, cue the tears. Whatever shall we do with our lives with no more Don Draper in it?

To get through the closing of this show door, I was asked by Chairish to come up with a “Mad Men” inspired room using furniture and accessories from their Mid Century Modern page. If you have never heard of Chairish, they are an e-commerce company that makes it fun and easy for design lovers to buy and sell vintage furniture, decor, jewelry and accessories to one another. Cool, right? So, it only made sense they would want to have dedicated styleboards paying homage to Mad Men leading up to the show’s finale.

As I looked through all of the Mid Century Modern Furniture on their site, this amazing couch caught my eye! After seeing this piece, I knew I had to incorporate it into my styleboard. I placed my couch and then began building my room around it.  After I had my couch,  I went looking for some artwork that would go well behind my couch. I found a piece of artwork that had bright, fun colors. This artwork was great to pull in accent colors and pieces for my room.


I wanted a cool coffee table and was able to find a round marble one on Charish. I am obsessed with marble! Next up was an accent table and lighting. I went with a wooden hexagon style accent table and a tall lamp. I love the look of the hexagon shape.

To incorporate extra seating, I added a light green chair with wooden arms. I am in love with this chair! I thought the color really brought out the green from the painting. I also included a floor lamp for added light. Extra lighting is always good!mm2

Finally, I wanted to incorporate some accent pieces. I grabbed two funky vases, one in blue and one in red, once again pulling out colors from the painting. Last, but certainly not least, I added cups and an ice bucket to the coffee table. These are ready to be filled with alcoholic beverages. I mean, this is Mad Men themed after all! Don’t forget, all of these pieces can be purchased at Chairish!



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