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Blitsy Monday’s: Turn a Lid Into a Tray

Turn a hexagon lid into a tray with some paint and decorative paper!

Losing items, especially my cellphone, is kinda the norm around my house.  I come home from work and plop my phone down on the kitchen counter, a random shelf, or nook. When I need my phone, I start to panic because I have no idea where I placed it when I came home. I typically have Mike call my cellphone so I can try to listen for the ringtone so I can hunt it down.  He loves doing this for me (insert sarcasm here).

I thought it was time to have a dedicated place for my cellphone.  The plan: to come home from work and drop my phone in its special place, so I know exactly where to find it when it comes time to actually use it.  I just needed to come up with a storage solution.

Turn a hexagon lid into a tray with some paint and decorative paper!

A while back I had purchased a couple of paper mache hexagon boxes with lids.  I used the actual boxes to create cement bookends.  I wanted my bookends to be hexagon shape, so the boxes were the perfect solution.  I ended up tossing the boxes after I made my bookends since I had to cut them away from the cement.  However, I still had the lids.  Of course, I did not toss these because I figured I might need them down the road for another project (trust me, this is not hoarding!).

Turn a hexagon lid into a tray with some paint and decorative paper!

I grabbed one of my hexagon lids and started flipping it around.  An idea came to me: “Why not use the lid as my tray?!?”. So, I transformed my lid into a tray with some paint, paper, and Mod Podge.  It was so easy!  If you are feeling inspired to create your own hexagon tray, head on over to Blitsy for the full tutorial and supply list.

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Easy Necklace Made Out of Clay

Create a statement necklace out of clay

I have always had a fascination with clay.  I love the texture of it as well as it versatility. There are honestly so many projects where you could incorporate clay.  I decided to take my love of clay one step further and created my own beads for a one-of-a-kind necklace!

I paired white and yellow clay beads alongside wooden beads for a fresh, trendy look. Since making this clay bead necklace, I have received a TON of compliments on it.  There is nothing better than someone telling you they love your necklace and then asking where you bought it.  I love being able (more…)

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DIY Gold Hexagon Embellished Journal

DIY Gold Hexagon Embellished Journal

Living in a very tech-centered world means everything we do is done digitally/electronically. We send emails instead of regular mail, we keep track of important meetings and dates on our digital calendars, and we even get directions from our smartphones instead of using a paper map. Being so digitally driven is nice and all, but sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics when everything was much simpler.

DIY Gold Hexagon Embellished Journal

There is nothing better than sitting down with a cup of coffee or tea and jotting down your to-dos for the day.  There is something to be said about physically writing an idea down as opposed to typing it into a phone, laptop, or tablet. It is so fulfilling to cross off each to-do once it has been completed. Having a notebook on hand is also a (more…)

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Add a Vertical Garden to Your Kitchen

DIY Hanging Kitchen Planters

Every time I am at Home Depot (which is pretty much all of the time!), I always find myself lingering around the houseplants.  They have so many different succulents in this area. We all know this is really the only kind of houseplant I am allowed to have since it takes a little more effort to kill these type of plants.  I was having some serious plant envy the last time I was Home Depot so I decided to pick-up a few.  Whoops!

I wanted to somehow incorporate more plants into my kitchen, but I don’t have a ton of counter space.  I didn’t want to turn my (more…)

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Blitsy Monday’s: A Pretty Pom Pom Flower


I don’t know what it is about pom pom trim that I love so much.  Every time I see this trim at craft stores I always find myself wanting to buy it.  I never really have a project in mind at that moment, but I normally figure I will come up with something!

I was looking through some of the trims we had at Blitsy and came across (more…)

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Create a Quick DIY Leather Tassel Keychain

Easy DIY Leather Tassel Keychain

I haven’t really worked much with leather, but I am always so impressed with the projects I see that incorporate leather pieces.  I wanted to try an easy leather project, so I ended up going with this super easy DIY leather tassel keychain!

Tassels are still a very popular accessory.  You can find these fun little frillies on necklaces, handbags, bracelets, shoes, and so much more!  I wanted to create a tassel out of leather that would dangle from my keys.  I am not really sure where my original key chain went, so the timing of this project was perfect!  My keys were (more…)

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Blitsy Monday’s: Quick and Easy DIY Infinity Scarf

Turn an old sweater into an a no-knit infinity scarf

I love coming up with ways to create projects that do not require a ton of time.  I have a very short attention span, which is why most of my projects are quick and easy. Speaking of quick and easy, I have never picked up knitting or crocheting because (for me) this is neither quick nor easy!  People that know how to knit say it is so easy once you get the hang of it.  I have watched people knit and I find the entire process confusing and stressful!  This, once again, goes back to my lack of patience!

Even though I have never had enough patience to sit down and learn the art of knitting, it has not stopped me from trying to figure out a away to create a knitted scarf.  You may be asking yourself “How in the world do you make a knitted scarf, without actually (more…)

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Create a Mini Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand

I‘ve had a jade plant in my home now for over 10 years. It got so out-of-control big that I eventually had to cut it back a bit since the branches were starting to bend over from the weight of the leaves. I took all of the cut branches and replanted them (did you know you could do that with jades?!?!). I added one of the Jade branches to a square cement planter I had made. My planter has been sitting (more…)

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Create A Tank Top Out of An Old Tank Top!

Easy DIY Tank Top

When I am at the fabric store, I tend to walk out with extra fabric that was not on my “list” of items to buy.  It’s so hard to stay focused on the task at hand when you are surrounded by so many pretty fabric patterns.

Probably two years ago (maybe even longer!), I picked up this really cool swirly dot linen style fabric.  My plan when I saw it was to turn it into a light-weight scarf.  Well, my fabric has stayed in a drawer completely untouched for the last two years!  I was rummaging through my fabric a couple of months ago (more…)

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Blitsy Mondays: Halloween DIYs and A Plant That Won’t Die

I was looking at the calendar the other day and realized we are nearing the end of October. How in the world did that happen?!? No, seriously how is Halloween next weekend???  I can not get over how quickly time has been flying by lately.  It is really quite insane.  I feel like I was just laying out at the beach soaking up the sun, complaining about how hot it was.  Today, I woke with to darkness and tossed on an extra layer of clothing because I was “freezing”!

Even though I am still in shock Halloween is pretty much upon us, I decided to share a couple of fun last-minute projects you can make.  One is a quick costume you can whip up with materials you (most likely) have in you home.  If your kiddo needs a costume for school and you have been too busy to actually pick something up, this DIY Super Hero Costume Out of a T-Shirt is right up your alley.  Your kids will love customizing their cape to create their very own super hero.  Heck, you could also create your own cape if you are heading out to an adult Halloween party.  As you know, anything goes! :)

DIY Kid's Cape Costume out of an old t-shirt!

Another fun Halloween project for you are these adorable paper pumpkins.  I used the We R Memory Keepers Gift box Punch Board to create this DIY trio of paper pumpkins.  This punch board is traditionally used to create paper gift boxes for gift-giving.  Since I like to think outside of the box, I decided to turn my little boxes into a family of pumpkins.  Once you see this punch board in action you will seriously be addicted. (more…)

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