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A Blank Wall That Needs Some Love

When I first moved into my house, I was on a mission to get it decorated immediately.  I was doing pretty good, moving from one room to another.  It finally came time to tackle my basement family room.

The first item Mike and I purchased for our family room was a new couch.  I knew I wanted a chaise style couch that was super comfy.  After some research we landed on a couch from Crate and Barrel.  Now, if you know me at all, you know I am the cheapest person on planet Earth so this purchase was a difficult one for me to swallow.  I figured the price was worth the quality since I wanted to make sure the couch we purchased for our basement would last for many years.

Once we got our new couch, I purchased a new rug (with an amazing carpet pad!).  I was kind of obsessed with the rug when I found it.  It is a high pile rug and super comfy.  One day, I was sitting on my new couch and I looked over to the wall to my right and felt like it needed some color.

crate and barrel couch with aztec rug

My entire basement is painted a super light gray.  I wanted a color that stood out, so I landed on this dark blue color.  I was very happy with the way the color turned out.  I had high hopes of turning this wall into a gallery style wall, but that idea quickly went to the wayside.  I got preoccupied with other house projects that my poor wall sat blank for over a year.  I finally decided it was time to finish my wall.  I knew I wanted playful, modern prints for my wall, so I ended up heading over to

 Painted Wall

Have you ever been on the Minted website? If you haven’t, I am warning you, everything on the site is so incredibly cute that you will honestly lose hours of time going through their entire website!  I was mainly focusing on the artwork they have to offer. They have a TON of cute prints to chose from. They also have an awesome feature that allows you to add prints to your favorites.  I was on a roll adding prints left and right to this section as I scrolled through print after print.


Here are some of my favorite prints:

1. On My Way

2. Layer Study

3. Sky Lines 

4. The Ampersand

5. Heirloom Pear

6. Stone Pile

7. Transparency

8. The Meadow

9. Green Floral

10. Blue Leaves

11. Verde

See, I told you there were so many amazing prints to choose from!  I think at one point I had about 65 prints in my favorites section.  My selections were all over the place.  I didn’t really have a theme in mind, I was just picking prints based on colors and images I was drawn to.

 It was hard to narrow down the prints I wanted to use for my wall, but I love how it turned out! All of my favorites seemed to come together quite nicely.  You will have to stay tuned for my reveal!

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