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DIY Stamped Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

Disclaimer – This post is in partnership with  All opinions are 100% my own. 


Make the bag as sweet as the treat with these playful DIY stamped Valentine’s Day treat bags!

I’m not sure how it happened, but Valentine’s Day has become one of my favorite holidays!  I love creating cute décor from heart tassel garland to festive pillows.  With my twins in pre-school I now get to send them with sweets and treats to pass out to their classmates during holidays.  I feel like I have been waiting to do this all my life!!!

With Christmas being officially over and Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I wanted to get a head start on the goody bags for my kids’ classmates.  I wanted to create something simple, yet cute.   When I saw the heart carved tree stamp from I wanted it to be the focal point of my treat bags since it’s so darn cute!  I also used their “Happy Valentine’s Day” stamps to add even more detail!  Check out the full video tutorial below to see how simple it is to make your own DIY stamped Valentine’s Day treat bags!


Step 1: Place the heart carved tree stamp on to the 4×4 acrylic block.

Step 2: Cover the stamp with brown pigment ink.

Step 3: Stamp the white treat bag.  Let the ink dry.

Step 4: Snip the inside of the heart on the treat bag and cut it out.

Step 5: Cut a ½” strip of gold glitter and pink cardstock.

Step 6: Cut both strips the width of the white treat bag.

Step 7: Add the “Happy Valentine’s Day” stamp to the 2X2 acrylic block, add black ink, and stamp the center of the pink strip of paper.

Step 8: Cut notches out of one end on both strips of paper.

Step 9: Peel off a small piece of double-sided tape and add it to the right side of the pink strip, peel off the liner, and place it on the gold strip so it’s at an angle.

Step 10: Add double-sided tape to the back of the gold strip, peel off the liner, and then add it the bottom of the white treat bag.

Step 11: Add a double-sided tape to the back of the pink strip, peel off the liner, and press it down on the treat bag.

Step 12: Add candy to the inside of a clear treat bag and place it inside of the white treat bag.

Step 13: Fold down the top of the treat bag and secure to the back with a piece of double-sided tape.

What’s great about this DIY stamped Valentine’s Day treat bag is you can add whatever you want to the inside.  You could add festive M&M’s like I did, or you could do a candy-free idea and add stickers or other small toys.  These treat bags are 100% customizable!

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DIY “Believe” Framed Christmas Photo

Last year when I was out with my family, Evelyn spotted Santa in a store across the street from where we were walking. She wanted to go over and check things out. As we walked over, Santa saw us coming and came to the window. He knelt down to say “hi” to Evelyn. I was able to quickly grab my photo and capture a magical picture of the two of them.

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DIY Quick Stamped Christmas Card

Disclaimer – This post is in partnership with  All opinions are 100% my own. 

Create your own holiday cards in a flash with these easy DIY quick stamped Christmas cards!

I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to all things holiday. I usually wait until the last minute for all of my shopping, which every year I swear I’m not going to do! However, with so much going on the time flies by and I find myself buying gifts the week before! Eek!

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DIY Stay Sweet Treat Bags

Disclaimer – This post is in partnership with Xyron.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

When it comes to candy, I have a bit of a problem.  I’m obsessed with all things sweet and sugary!  I’ve never met a piece of candy I don’t like.  Since I’m obsessed with all candy, you better believe I was super pumped to find out there’s a day dedicated to celebrating candy in all of it’s forms.  National Candy Day falls 4 days after Halloween, which means the candy celebrations continues on! Yippee!

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DIY Snowflake Stamped Gift Wrap

Disclaimer – This post is in partnership with  All opinions are 100% my own. 

It’s never to soon to get into the holiday spirit, especially if you’re a crafter.  Since the holiday season can get super hectic, getting a head start on all of your holiday crafting is a good idea (if you lucky enough to actually carve out time from your busy day!).  So, this project is coming attcha super early so you start now and have plenty of time to finish it before the holiday season is in full swing.

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DIY Custom Wedding Coordinate Sign

Disclaimer – This post is in partnership with CraftCuts.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

Capture your wedding day with this custom and unique DIY Wedding Coordinates sign!   

There are numerous ways to document and remember your wedding day.  You could go with the traditional guestbook, engraved champagne glasses, or even a keepsake candle.  But, if you’re looking for a unique alternative to the norm, this DIY custom wedding coordinates sign is or you!  

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DIY State Love Wine Charms

Disclaimer – This post is in partnership with  All opinions are 100% my own. 

I love hosting parties, but hate all of the extra cups that collect.  Why is it that people can never manage to keep track of their water bottles, cups, and wine glasses?!  It never fails that at the end of the night every room in my house becomes a cup/glass graveyard!

Aug 07, 2019 | Post by: Meghan 1 Comments

DIY You are my Sunshine Sign

Disclaimer – This post is in partnership with CraftCuts.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

If you’re looking to brighten up your room (and your day!), then this DIY custom “You are my sunshine” sign is for you!

I love adding colorful touches to rooms in my house.  Having pops of color brings so much joy and happiness to a room, even if it’s only a few décor items scattered alongside other neutral colors.  I decided to blend cheery colors together with an uplifting quote using custom letters and a circular wooden shape from CraftCuts!  Check out the tutorial below to see how you can add a little sunshine to any room in your home!


Step 1: Add hot glue to the 10” dowel rods and glue them around the circle, leaving space for the 4” dowels.

Step 2:  Add a coat of yellow spray paint to the circle and dowel rods.

Step 3:  Paint all of the 4” sized dowels with the orange acrylic paint.

Step 4:  When the paint is dry, hot glue the orange dowels rods in between all of the yellow dowels on the circle piece.

Step 5: Cut a long piece of painter’s tape and add the letters for you “you are my” to the top.  This will help keep the letters from shifting around.  Add a coat of white paint to the top.  Add a second coat of paint if needed.

Step 6: Add a coat of white acrylic paint to the word “sunshine”.  Add a second coat if needed.

Step 7:  Once the words are dry, figure out the placement for the quote on your circle.  Next add painter’s tape under “you are my”.  This will help get the letters straight. 

Step 8: Add multi-grip glue to the back of the letters and word to secure them to the wooden shape. 

Step 9: Add Multi-Grip to the back of “sunshine” and add it underneath “you are my”.

Step 8:  Cut a piece of twine 2 inches long, fold it in half, add a drop of glue to the top back of the circle, please the loose ends of the twine on top, and add another drop of glue on top of the bottom of the twine.

Add your DIY custom you are my sunshine sign to any room in your home for an instant pick-me-up!  It would also look great on a gallery wall, or as outdoor décor (as long as it has been properly sealed with a clear protectant!).

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DIY Pineapple Stamped Frame

Disclaimer – This post is in partnership with  All opinions are 100% my own. 

I always find it fascinating to see what objects will be trending when it comes to party decor, crafts, and fashion. I often wonder how trends such as llamas and unicorns become a “thing”. Pretty much anywhere you look right now you can find a unicorn or llama either as a party ballon, greeting card, or even a blanket! They’re everywhere you look!

One food object that is trending right now is the pineapple. This has been trending for quite some time and I have to admit, I was an early adopter of this trend. Not only do I like the playful look of a pineapple, but I also like the meaning behind it. Pineapples are considered an expression of “welcome”. Because of this, I love the idea of incorporating pineapples in my home and what better way than with a DIY pineapple stamped frame! had the cutest little pineapple for my frame. I grabbed the 1″x2.5″, which was the perfect size to stamp all over my frame. When I saw the 5 color ink pad I thought it would create create such a cool look with no effort, which I’m all about! Check out the full video tutorial below to see how you can create your own DIY Pineapple Stamped Frame!


If you’re not feeling pineapples, check out’s other stamps and use the same technique to create your own customized frame!

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DIY Stamped Canvas Art

DIY Stamped Canvas Art

Disclaimer – This post is in partnership with  All opinions are 100% my own. 

Add some pizzaz to your boring walls with this easy DIY stamped canvas art!

When it comes to stamps, there are so many amazing things you can do with them. You can create a stitched card, a unique luggage tag, and they can even be used to create a festive placemat! I’m always trying to come up with different ways to incorporate stamps outside of their typical use. When it comes to stamps, has a ton of designs to choose from. I recently picked up their Olive Branch Stamp. I loved the simple lines on this stamp and thought it would be cool to use it to make a custom piece of artwork!

DIY Stamped Canvas Art

Have you ever thought about using your stamps to make artwork? I think this DIY is the perfect way to incorporate affordable art into your home or office space. You don’t have to be an artist to make your own DIY stamped canvas art –it’s super easy! Check out the video below for the full tutorial!


  • Art Canvas (I used 8×8)
  • 2X4 Olive Branch Stamp
  • Black Ink
  • Acrylic Paint (I used yellow and cream)
  • Bristle Paint Brush
  • White Cardstock
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors

That’s it folks! A fun and easy way to add a statement piece to your home decor. Be sure to check out all of the other stamps has on their website. They now also offer acrylic stamps in the same designs as all of their wooden stamps. So, you can choose which stamp type works best for you, which is amazing!

DIY Stamped Canvas Art
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