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Trader Joe’s Bag Challenge: Project 3 – Paper Flowers

I was in West Elm over the weekend and saw these lovely paper flowers.  Of course, I looked at the price tag and thought “Really, for paper??”.  That’s when it hit me.  Paper=Trader’s Joe’s bag!!  So, I took inspiration from West Elm and created my version of their paper flowers.  Want to learn how to style your paper flowers?  Check out West Elm’s FRONT & MAIN.

Recycled Trader Joe's Bag

{Photo credit: West Elm}


– Trader Joe’s bag

– Acrylic paint (optional – you can keep the natural look)

– Raffia

– Paper wrapped floral wires (Joann’s)

– Floral wire

– Glue

– Paint brush

– Scissors

– Pliers (for cutting your floral wire)

Trader Joe's Bag{Step 1}: Trace your petal on to your bag.  You will glue two petals together to make one petal.  I used 5 petals for one flower.  So, trace as many as you would like.  Cut out all of your petals.

Trader Joe's Bag

{Step 2}: After you cut out all of your petals, paint the plain side of your petal (the side without words on it).  Let  your petals dry.  Depending on the color you select, you may have to do multiple coats of paint.

Fyi…your petals will curl up, but don’t worry about it. This will not effect the look.

Trader Joe's Bag{Step 3}: Once all of your petals are dry, glue two of your petals together so the painted (or plain) side is facing out.

Trader Joe's Bag

You may need to use something with a hard surface to flatten your petals down (if they have curled up).  I just used the bottom of my paint bottle to smooth out my petals.

Trader Joe's Bag

{Step 4, 5 , 6, 7, & 8}: Cut out 2 narrow strips of paper from your TJ bag (see below).  Take one of your strips of paper and tie a knot.  Then, tie another knot behind the knot your just tied.

{Step 9}: Take your knot and place it over your paper covered floral wire.  Grab some of your floral wire and wrap it around the bottom of the knot and the paper covered floral wire.  This will attach your knot to the “stem”.

Trader Joe's Bag{Step 10}: Take your raffia and cut about 16 strips 2 1/2 inches long.  Once again, make as many or as few as you want.

Trader Joe's Bag

{Step 11}: Take all of your strips of raffia and wrap them around your stem.  You want to make sure the raffia is about 1 1/2 inches above the knot.

Trader Joe's Bag

{Step 12}: Take your floral wire and wrap it around your raffia, securing it to your stem.

Trader Joe's Bag

{Step 1}: Take one of your petals and wrap the bottom of the petal around the stem.  This  will help form the bottom of the petal so you can easily attach it to the stem.

Trader Joe's Bag

{Step 14}: Take your floral wire and wrap it around the bottom of your petal attaching it to your stem.

Trader Joe's Bag

{Step 15}: Repeat step 14 for the second, third, fourth, and fifth petal.

Trader Joe's Bag

{Step 16}: Take the other strip of paper you cut and line the printed side of the paper with glue.

Trader Joe's Bag

{Step 17}: Take your strip and wrap it around the base of your flower covering the wires, etc.  Use your fingers to smooth out the paper on the base.

Trader Joe's Bag

Trader Joe's Bag

{Photo credit: Right – West Elm}

Trader Joe's Bag

Trader Joe's Bag

6 Comments to Trader Joe’s Bag Challenge: Project 3 – Paper Flowers

  1. aimee
    April 17, 2013 1:43 am

    I feel so inspired! These are beautiful!

  2. Rachel
    April 17, 2013 3:21 pm

    Those came out really nice- fantastic job! The texture and petal curl is just perfect!

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